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360 Root APK (Latest Versions, All) Free Download

360 ROOT APK: You can download it from the links given below and start your android rooting journey with all the special features like unlimited root apps and games and much more for free.

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App Name 360 Root APK
Size 8M
Latest Version
MOD Info All Versions
Google Play ID org.fertate.cyoclo

About 360 ROOT APK

Rooting an android device has become a global trend and with many android users. Here comes an app named 360 ROOT, which allows you to root your device in just a few clicks. We all know that Rooting isn’t rocket science but even a single mistake can make your phone trash. So it’s always better to avoid these types of unnecessary risks and find a safe Option. You must use the 360 root apk for rooting your device safely and unlocking all its potential and special features.

360 Root apk has more than ten million-plus registered users download on app stores for Android and start rooting your device safely and securely to avoid any data loss. You can easily download it from the links below and start unlocking your device.

360 Root APK

One-click Root

360 root offers a One-click Root which is why it’s the most loved rooting app for Android. You can start the complex rooting process in just a single click with the help of this app. It makes your job a lot easier and helps you explore new and unlocked features of your android device after it’s rooted.

Simple User Interface

Using this app is very easy to hand for use as you can just start rooting with a single click, and also the UI is smooth and clean. You get access to all the details you get to ensure before rooting eight in front of your device on the app’s home screen.

360 Root APK Free Download

Remove Pre-installed Applications

360 root app so also famous for being able to uninstall the pre-installation apps on your device. Once your device is rooted successfully with it, you are free to take care of the pre-installed apps as per your choice. You won’t be disabled to do so.

Lock Android Gallery

When your android device is rooted, you can enhance the security and privacy of your device. You can easily lock the most information-giving apps like your gallery or any other app in just a few clicks. So it helps you keep control of your privacy. The best part is that no one will ever open your locked app as it gets invisible on the home screen.

360 Root APK English Version Latest
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