Airlines Manager MOD APK v3.06.9104 (Free Shopping)

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You can download Airlines Manager MOD APK from this page and start your airline gameplay with all the unlocked features like unlimited money Bonus Points for free.

NameAirlines Manager
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Updated October 2, 2022

Unlimited Money
AM+ Unlocked
Free Shopping

About Airlines Manager Tycoon 2021

We all are attracted to airplanes because they are so amazing. When we look at the airplane simulation games, the first choice is the airline manager series game. The most popular game of it is airline manager 2. You can build your airplane along with an airport in the game. Your aircraft earn money from passengers who travel through it while your airport makes money with the airplane parking charges.

However, being an airline manager is a crucial task, and you require a lot of skills. You can gradually learn all those skills.

The game has recently crossed more than five hundred thousand registered players and downloads globally on the Play store with the editors choice awards.

Many of its players requested more features like unlimited money and bonus points, AM+ Unlocked and Ads-free so we provide the
Airlines Manager MOD APK.

Airlines Manager Tycoon 2021

Manage Your Own Airline Company

In the game, you are the head of your own airline company and you take over all the Important decisions of the company. Moreover, you also own an airport along with your company. You earn revenue by passengers traveling and airport parking charges.

Airlines Manager MOD APK

Create routes

When you own a large airline company, you have to decide the routes of your planes. It would help if you focused on having safer and small ways for the safety of your passengers and company. Use the globe to find the shortest route between two airports to save fuel.

Airlines Manager MOD Unlimited Money

Depart Routes

When your route is planned, you have to depart your planes on time. All the passengers have to go to various locations and cities at a specific time. Your passengers will recommend your airlines to other people if they found it helpful.

Airlines Manager APK Manager

Perform Maintenance of your Flights

Flights need to be checked and maintained daily for safety purposes. If you lack quality in maintaining your flights, your company valuation will start to decline as your customers will be unhappy. Make sure the flight is neat and clean with all systems working correctly.

Download Airlines Manager Aviation

Purchase New Aircraft

When you start making enough profits with your first aircraft, you can purchase another one in the game. If you buy a used one, you are in more benefits.

Download Airlines Manager Tycoon 2021 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

You can download the airline manager 2 mod version with all the Unlocked features which are mentioned below.

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  1. Am very angry at myself for installing this mod. I didn’t get the unlimited money as written on the mod feature, l just have the startup money. I tried redownloading but it didn’t work


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