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Anime Island Multiplayer MOD APK v1.8.0 (Unlimited Currency/All Unlocked)

Anime Island Multiplayer MOD APK is a simulation game where you and your friends live on an island and enter a new life where you must go to school, take up jobs, and much more.

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App Name Anime Island Multiplayer
Size 102M
Latest Version 1.8.0
MOD Info Unlimited Currency
Google Play ID com.ahoyadox.WaifuSimulator

About Anime Island Multiplayer

Anime Island Multiplayer is a popular simulation game with over a million downloads globally. It allows you to re-live your life with your friends on an isolated island. Your character also has to take up various jobs to survive, thrive in them, and complete various missions to earn points. However, you have unlimited money, so you will always have resources.

You have to also go to school where you can meet with other students and make new friends in the game. It also offers a character customization area where you can completely transform your character with different skins, outfits, and other appearance items. You also have unlimited currency in it for free.

You also have to explore the island and invite your friends to your house so you can have fun. Moreover, you can also interact with your friends and other characters using different emotes, pets, and other things in the game. You also have a first-person mode and various secret locations where you can have rewards.

Anime Island Multiplayer MOD APK

We have also provided you with all unlocked and many more features for free. So download its latest version now.

Customize Your Character

Your character in Anime Island can have various roles, which include husband, waifu, and many more. You can select multiple hobbies for your character to make it look more appealing. Moreover, you can have many accessories and companions like skateboarding, dancing, and traveling worldwide.

Moreover, you can also enhance your characters’ looks through various other customization features and make them look better.

Anime Island Multiplayer MOD APK Unlimited Money

Play with Friends

Playing with fun will make your gameplay more amazing and friendly. You can invite your friends to play with you or make new friends in Anime Island Multiplayer game so you can have fun with them and even create your virtual partner in play. You can invite them to your house and even go shopping with them, and it will be a lot of fun.

You can also use the joystick provided by the game to navigate throughout the island and jump two times to reach higher places. The controls are very smooth and straightforward and even very easy to use.

Anime Island Multiplayer MOD APK Unlocked

Explore the Island

You have a fantastic island to explore where you can work various jobs, including delivering pizzas and newspapers and even collecting garbage to have money in your pocket. You must always keep your eye on the map and follow rewarding places by taking action and stimulating them.

Moreover, you also have to find various keys used in opening hidden chests on the island, which provide you with tens of rewards. Instead of crates and keys, you can also find many lost cats on the map to get rewards.

Anime Island Multiplayer MOD APK Latest Version

Chat with Friends

Playing Anime Island Multiplayer with your friends means something once unless you have that emotional connection with them as you play, established through its chat feature. You can also play in single-player mode offline and create a multiplayer room to invite other players.

The more people you have with you to play, the more entertaining the game gets.

Anime Island Multiplayer MOD APK For Android
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