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Anime Studio Story MOD APK v2.2.5 (Unlimited Money)

Anime Studio Story MOD APK is a simulation game where you own your own anime studio and start producing various films to win prizes and make money.

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App Name Anime Studio Story
Size 24M
Latest Version 2.2.5
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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About Anime Studio

Anime Studio is a popular simulation game with more than fifty thousand downloads. You can produce your anime series and make your characters act in them. You have to choose your characters’ faces, bodies and presto and integrate them into various scenes of your series.

To reach the targeted audience, you must also add various labels to your art, including “18+”, “Popular with Kids,” and many more. The more anime series you produce and the more people like them, the higher skill points you will get. Your studio includes an extensive library, a motion capture room, and a theater.

You also need to hire various staff to help do all the work. But first, you have to use the drawing board to help them understand what you truly want. Then you have to educate them in the best way to match your vibe and produce the best anime series.

Anime Studio Story MOD APK

We have also provided you with unlimited money, and everything in Anime Studio Story Paid APK for free. So download its latest version now.

Own a Studio

In Anime Studio, you own a studio based on shooting anime scenes and series, and you have to run it to make a profit. It would help if you had all the latest equipment to make epic anime scenes and showcase them to the public. You also need to properly train and hire the best employees who are experts in anime content creation.

Anime Studio Story MOD APK Skill Points

You must also pay attention to how your studio looks and its interior design where all the staff works, as their environment, dramatically affects their productivity.

Create Amazing Characters and Shows

You have to utilize the full potential of your studio so you can create incredible movies and shows and characters to act in them, which will lead to higher ratings and more production contracts in the future. Your studio must produce top-quality anime content; you will only get deals with other producers.

Each anime character you create and star in your series must have a fantastic backstory so the viewers can relate. Moreover, you must also show both the good and bad sides of the characters, and no one is entirely wrong or right.

Anime Studio Story MOD APK Latest Version

Win Prizes

As you finally produce your anime show in Anime Studio and list it for sale and more and more people start liking and purchasing it, you will have your ratings skyrocket. As your anime content grows, you will, as creators and receive many anime awards in honor of your work.

Many studios compete for the same rewards, so you must constantly keep improving your work if you wish to stand out.

Anime Studio Story MOD APK Free Shopping

Inspire Others with Your Work

Your works in anime content will win many rewards and inspire other people with the story of your characters. In your Anime Studio, you must focus on making shows and movies that positively impact people’s lives and make them worth living.

You can show many good qualities of your characters and inspire other people to be the same when it comes to their own lives and also show how with hard work and determination, one can still pass all the hard times.

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