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Block City Wars MOD APK + OBB 7.3.0 (Unlimited Money, Menu)

Block City Wars MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a popular action and shooter game where you have fast cars, sniper duels, and much more.

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App Name Block City Wars
Size 276M
Latest Version 7.3.0
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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About Block City Wars: Pixel Shooter with Battle Royale

Block City Wars is a popular action and shooter game with more than fifty million downloads. Your gameplay starts in an arena where fast cars, sniper duels, and fun bandits constantly fight and shoot lots. Your gang is well financed with unlimited money, so you can easily win against others.

Law and order are constantly being violated, and the streets are filled with gangsters, mobs, police, mafia, and more. They compete for power and control, so they need weapons, coins, and ammo. You can play in god mode where there are no rules, and the godfather mafia has everything wrapped around his little finger.

It gives you a sense of a pure action game, just like you saw in the GTA games, as the city is full of destruction. The battlegrounds are filled with plasma guns, sniper rifles, destroyers, armors, tanks, helicopters, and more. You have unlimited health, so you can easily win all the battles and gain control of the city.

Block City Wars MOD APK

You can do many more things on the battlefield and make a name for yourself in the underworld. The mafia bosses depend on your coordination to achieve their goals, so you have a massive role. You can drive a sports car, equip yourself with powerful weapons and run from the police as soon as possible. You also have free shopping to get all the necessary items to win gang wars.

You can choose to be a bad guy or a hero, and your choices will determine the types of missions you will get in it. We have provided everything unlocked and much more in it for free. So enjoy the game and download its latest version now.

Multiple Gameplay Modes

Block City Wars MOD APK provides more than thirteen unique multiplayer modes to play. Some of the most popular ones are.

Team Deathmatch: You have to create a team and compete against others in tournaments.

Free PvP Fight: There are no rules, and you can fight freely against 1v1 players.

Tank Battles: Pick your tank and compete with your foes; the winner wins rewards. 

Block City Wars MOD APK Unlimited Money

Street Race: Race with other gangs or get chased by the police. 

Zombie Mode: Zombies are coming to attack you, so arm yourself with deadly weapons.

Explore the City

Block City Wars provides you with a reasonably large city, just like in the GTA games and Pixel Gun 3D. The city structure is based in New York and Los Angeles. The metropolis is full of high skyscrapers, and you are free to do whatever you want in the city.

You can easily travel across the city with more than fifty means of transport like sports cars, motorcycles, jet packs, tanks, helicopters, and more. There are many exciting places you can visit within the city where you can complete missions and get a lot of rewards.

Block City Wars MOD APK MOD Menu

Powerful Weapons

You will have access to many powerful weapons in Block City, which you can use to defend yourself against other gangs. These include Ak47, MINIGUN, Sniper rifle, Katana, RPG, and many more. Many new weapons are being added to the game.

You can also upgrade these weapons to improve their range, loading capacity, recoil, and other stats. The more weapons your team has, the better your chances of winning, so keep your eyes open for new and more powerful ones.

Compete with Other Players

Block City wars is a multiplayer game; you have to compete with other players to win. It has a daily winners list and displays all the players’ stats. There are more than one hundred and fifty thousand players online daily, so you must compete with them for the top title.

You can also chat with them and discuss your strategy to get feedback and guide them to win together. It has a single sandbox mode where you can take up different gangster jobs. The pixel graphics it provides are pretty amazing.

Block City Wars MOD APK Free Shopping

Credits: Kadexo (Owner & Publisher).

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