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Bully: Anniversary Edition MOD APK + OBB v1.0.0.19 (Mega Menu)

Bully: Anniversary Edition MOD APK + OBB (Mega Menu) Download for Android. And get unlimited money and other unlocked features for free.

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App Name Bully: Anniversary Editio
Size 1.98G
Latest Version
MOD Info Unlimited Money 
Google Play ID com.rockstargames.bully

  • Mega Menu
  • Unlimited Money

  • Bug Fixes and Improvements

About Bully: Anniversary Edition

Bully: Anniversary Edition is an action game developed by Rockstar Games and has more than a million downloads globally. The story begins with mischievous 15-year-old Jimmy Hopkins, who struggles to dominate the social hierarchy in his school, which is corrupt and crumbling, named the Bullworth Academy. You have to fight with your bullies to protect yourself.

You have to do all the teenage things at school like picking on teachers, defeating jocks at dodgeball, playing pranks, and impressing the girl you like within a year of staying in that school. It has each and everything from every previous edition of the game. Also, it includes high-resolution displays, enhanced graphics, better lights and textures, customizable controls, and social challenges.

Bully: Anniversary Edition MOD APK OBB

You can compete in friend challenges in the head-to-head classroom in arcade-style mini-game battles. You compete with your friends in different subjects in school like dissecting the frog faster, solving word problems in English and maths, and many more. Completing all these missions and challenges will give you many rewards and resources.

It provides fantastic graphics to give you the best action gameplay experience with high featured textures, dynamic lighting, shadows, and particle effects. It includes all the elements from previous Bully games and hundreds of new missions, characters, classroom mini-games, and unlocked items. You can customize all these accordingly.

It also natively supports high-resolution displays, which Immersion TouchSense Tactile Effects enhance. You can invite and play with your friends from all over the world and use the flexible, personalized touch controls to get the upper hand in battles. It also supports a physical controller, and you can save your game progress across all your devices using Rockstar Games Social Club.

Our mod version provides you with a mega menu unlimited money for free. So download its latest version now.

Bully: Anniversary Edition MOD APK With Cheat Menu

All the Previous Games Included

It’s the anniversary edition of the Bully game series by the Rockstar games and includes everything from previous ones. But it has made many improvements and bug fixes and has also added many missions, classroom mini-games, characters, and unlockable items from the last games. It has also introduced high-end graphics, better lighting, shadows and textures, and support for high-resolution displays.

Moreover, every week, more and more elements are added from many other games of the series. So do check them out.

Bully: Anniversary Edition MOD APK Latest Version

Amazing Graphics

Rockstar Games has worked a lot on its graphics, and now you have a better texture, shadows, and lights in the gameplay. You can customize it as you want in the graphics settings. Earlier, this game was available only for PC but also on mobile devices. However, because of the computing power of the PC, the graphics on it was better. But now, with all the improvements, you can expect similar types of pictures on it.

It has also added particle effects and support for high-resolution screens enhanced using Immersion TouchSense Tactile Effects to improve the gameplay experience.

Download Bully: Anniversary Edition MOD APK

Multiplayer Gameplay

Earlier it was an offline game, but now you can play it online. Invite your friends from all over the world to this exciting multiplayer game. Challenge them in a friendly mode in the classroom and get notified about your turn. Compete with them in several academic activities like dissecting a frog, solving word problems in English, Math, and more. Excel in all these activities to prove yourself and impress your friends with your excellent skills.

You can continue playing your game across all your devices and save the progress using Rockstar Games Social Club.

Bully: Anniversary Edition MOD Menu APK

Flexible Controls

You can use its intelligent touch controls with contextual buttons, which are pretty flexible, and you can customize their size, shape, position, sensitivity, and plenty of other aspects in settings. You can also attach an external controller to better grip the game.

Bully: Anniversary Edition MOD APK Download for Android

Credits: Rockstar Games (Owner & Publisher).

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