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CallApp APK + MOD v2.156 (Premium Unlocked)

Download CallApp Premium APK (Premium Unlocked) for Android to get no ads, gold unlocked, and more to upgrade your calling functions.

Download (47M)
App Name CallApp
Size 47M
Latest Version 2.156
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
Google Play ID com.callapp.contacts

  • Pro/Premium Unlocked
  • No Ads
  • Gold Unlocked

  • Backup Your Files
  • Personalized covers
  • Find Out who viewed your profile
  • personalized calling analytics
  • improved call recordings
  • create and share your own ringtones

About CallApp

CallApp is a popular phone app that offers call recording, blocking numbers, caller ID, phone number lookup, and much more. You will immediately know about all the essential details of the caller once you download it and give all the permissions. All the phone calls will be safe and secure if you use them.

Its advanced caller ID technology has details of more than 3.5 billion mobile numbers worldwide so that you can identify almost any unknown number. Always know about the caller with its caller trace & phone book abilities. It helps you avoid telemarketing and other spam calls, which will waste your precious time.

Backlist all the unwanted numbers that deal in telemarketing, spam, bullying, etc. Identify all the spam calls and stop them instantly. You can stop robot calls and all other numbers from your contact book using the call blocking feature. You can also turn on automatically blocking calls which it has labeled as spam.

Explore its wide range of blocklist options & robocalls filters, which will help you as per your needs. You can also use it to automatically record all your phone calls as soon as you answer them. Record all types of calls, or you can choose to record only specific calls using the button given when you answer a call.

CallApp helps you get every possible caller information to enhance your privacy and avoid all the dangerous calls from a specific prefix & especially robocalls, using its features. Save all your calls so that you have a record for everything.

CallApp Pro APK MOD

Our mod version provides pro/premium unlocked, no ads, gold opened, and more for free. So download it now.

All in One

CallApp provides you with caller id, call recorder, spam blocker, and more, making it the best calling app for android devices. You won’t need to download any other app as it combines all of its features in itself.

All your calling security needs are well safe and secure with it. Gain all the details of the caller and use it to your advantage.

CallApp Premium APK MOD

Post Call Feature

When you receive a call, you get plenty of options to decide which option you will choose. You can choose from call recording, instant messaging, spam block, and more. You can tap on any of them, and they will execute.

Call Recording: Record all your calls as soon as your answer them.

Instant Messaging: Instantly connect with all of your contacts through SMS, which reaches even when your device is offline.

Spam Block: Block all the unwanted calls which waste your time.

CallApp Caller ID MOD APK

Caller ID

Whenever someone calls you, their caller id gets displayed on your screen, which contains the name, locations, and label of the call being made. You can use this data to decide whether you should pick up the call or not.

You can also type in a mobile number and get its details. It stores personal information of more than 3.5 billion phone numbers globally.

CallApp Premium MOD APK

Block Spam Calls

When you get a call, the caller ID presents you with details, and if it finds anything wrong, it displays a label like spam, salesman, telemarketing, etc. So you can decide to block the caller or not.

Most of these labels are given by other app users who have received a call from the same number and have reported it. So its data is based on human experience, so it’s entirely accurate.

Record Your Calls

When you answer a call, a red-colored button named record appears on the top right section of the screen, which you can tap to record your call. You can also turn on automatic call recording in settings to save you from the trouble of recording calls manually.

CallApp+ Features Unlocked

Our mode version has unlocked all the paid features of the app. Moreover, we have also provided a list of premium account’s emails and passwords on our telegram channel.

Customize Your Communication

They are gone all the days when phones were used solely for communication. They have mastered all the communication requirements of the people, but still, there can be improvements.

Here comes CallApp which makes all the essential changes and provides you with a better calling experience.

Multiple Platform Support

You can download this app on your android phone and then link to your various android devices like smart TV, smartwatch and more. This will help you trace your calls on all of your devices.

CallApp Premium APK Download

CallApp Paid Account for Free (Pro/Premium Unlocked)

  1. Join our telegram channel.
  2. Click on the search button.
  3. Search for CallApp Paid Account for free.
  4. A list of accounts with emails and passwords appear on the screen.
  5. Choose anyone of them.

Note: Hurry Up! Accounts are limited.

Credits: CallApp Caller ID, Call Recorder & Spam Blocker (Owner & Publisher).

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