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Camera360 MOD APK v9.9.36 (Pro, VIP Unlocked, All Effects)

Camera360 MOD APK is an excellent camera app that helps you take the best selfies, post on various social media platforms, and get plenty of likes and shares.

Download (128M)
App Name Camera360
Size 128M
Latest Version 9.9.36
MOD Info Pro, VIP Unlocked, All Effects
Google Play ID vStudio.Android.Camera360

About Camera360: Photo Editor & Selfie

Camera360 is a popular photography app with more than a hundred million users and keeps growing. It provides various effects and filters that will make your photos more attractive and get traction across many social media platforms. Many popular influencers around the world have been using it for selfies.

You can use its skin purification feature to remove all the blemishes and acne without any trace or dark spots. Moreover, you can also hide your age as it removes all the wrinkles. It has integrated more than twenty years of photography technology, which helps you get the finest experience.

You can access various face edits, looks, foundations, lipsticks, and more. You also have many cute stickers to put on your photos to make them look more appealing and worth viewing. You can also remove all the impurities from your skin and the image using its remover pen.

You can also blur the background so people can focus on your face, and there are also quality filters to suit your pictures. We have also provided you with the Camera360 ultimate pro apk, which has all the VIP Unlocked features and all effects of using in photos.

Customize Your Face, Body, and Skin

Camera360 helps you transform your skin to look smooth and soft, and people will no longer view your older self-skin. You can even customize the size of your face and make it look small by a professional beauty doctor, giving you over twenty micro adjustments with no trace of tracks.

You can also shape your body in the way you like, making it thinner, fatter, and many more. You can also individually choose the body parts you don’t want to change. Moreover, using all its photo editing features requires a single touch, and your entire picture will become more attractive.

Choose Your Style

Now it’s time to remove the blue sky and change its colors as you want in your style. You can make the sky look anime, dreamy and many more as you can paint it in the colors you want. There are man filters in the app, and you must choose the one most resembles your personality and style.

Moreover, you also have cartoon filter effects, which make your photos look more anime-type and appeal to anime lovers. You also have many filters and products used in the movies, including black and white, cinematic, and many more. Overall, there are more than three hundred filters like black and white, HDR, lomo, retro, hong kong style, and many more, and you are free to choose any of them.

Do Your Makeup & Create Short Videos

Camera360 provides more than thirty makeup filters to ensure you appear as the best version of yourself. You must choose the filter that matches your vibe and sty, including the main and sub ones. You can also make your photos look more attractive using kawaii stickers.

It is not merely a photography and selfie-taking app; you can also record short videos for Instagram reels, YouTube shorts, and many more. You can add different music, filters, and makeup to your short video (10s – 60s). With its intelligent facial recognition, your face and your proper expression get recorded.

Amazing Colors and Filters

Camera360 provides you with the best and the most detailed color expressions, which look exceptionally well on your device. You also have vertical and horizontal image correction, suitable for editing a photo of buildings.

You can adjust the colors in your photos with tens of settings, including highlight, shade, layers, saturation level, exposure, color temperature, hue, and more.

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