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Cats & Soup MOD APK v2.29.0 (Unlimited Money)

Cats & Soup MOD APK (Unlimited Money) - Latest Version Download for Android to get unlimited gems and free shopping with real money to play with cats for free.

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App Name Cats & Soup
Size 39M
Latest Version 2.29.0
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Google Play ID

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Free Purchase with real money

  • Season 3
  • New cooking facility
  • New Furniture
  • Limited edition package
  • Bug Fixes & Improvements

About Cats & Soup – Cute Idle Game

Casts & Soup is a popular simulation game with over ten million players globally. The gameplay starts at a peaceful animal forest where cats are in charge, and they boil and prepare Soup for everyone else. It has proved to be a very relaxing cat game for cat lovers who have a pet cat or want to in anytime in the future. You can play it even when you are a student or worker who wishes to relieve stress.

People watch beautiful cats’ and dogs’ videos on the internet to relieve stress. Still, this app has gone one step further in that direction, providing simulation gameplay where you can make choices and actively do things. It’s also for ASMR lovers and those who are interested in cats. It is a roleplay or ideal game in which your character is a cat who boils and prepares Soup for everyone in the forest.

Cats And Soup MOD APK

You will get different breeds of cats like Persian, Norwegian, Himalayan, Forest, Siberian, British, and much more. Each of them has its unique physical features which will adore you. You have to dress them up with hats, accessories, and clothes and take beautiful pictures to share with your friends and family members on different social media platforms.

Relive your stress by charming background music in the gameplay and preparing Soup using different recipes. Explore amazing ASMR and BGM sounds and add them to your playlist. When you leave them to rest, they will move around and collect resources and cook in their free time. You can play anywhere and anytime during reading, riding, driving, and much more.

Take care of the cats and team them to cook better and more precisely. Build a restaurant where everyone will hear chilling songs and charming music. Use the resources that cats collect and make new recipes from them. Our mod version provides free purchase, unlimited money, gems and is much more accessible. So download it now.

Cats And Soup MOD APK Latest Version

Cat Raising Game in Cartoon Illustration

You don’t need to watch cat ASMR videos on the internet to relax or satisfy yourself. There has never been so realistic, and I loved cat games like it. It features all the types of cats from around the world like Ragdoll, Norwegian forest cat, Persian, Himalayan, Siberian, British, American, Latin, Egyptian, etc. You can meet all those cats and pet them.

But remember, you can’t catch them with force because they will hate you forever. So it would help if you formed friendships and meaning full relationships with them.

Cats And Soup MOD APK Unlimited Money

Interact With the Cute Cats

As mentioned above, you will get cats from all over the world, and you must make them feel safe and interact with them. When you become their friends, you can customize their appearance with various accessories from hats, clothes, outfits, tails, and more. Then you can take photos and share them with your friends and family members on different social media platforms.

There are also many mini-games that you can play in which you have to feed them fish and other food items and thus you will get rewards and hears. You can also name your cats whatever you like in any supported language.

Cats And Soup MOD APK Unlimited Money And Gems

Relaxing ASMR Sounds and BGM

The game is filled with hundreds of chilling and relaxing sounds and charming music. All this music happens in the background, so you don’t get to decide when you want to play which one. Depending upon the different situations in the game these music plays are very calming and stress relieving. By listening to them, you can zoom in and see the cats cooking using the ingredients.

The entire cat restaurant contains many songs, and you can add them to your BGM playlist.

Cats And Soup MOD APK Unlimited Everything

Easy and Fast Animal Tycoon

You can play the game anytime and anywhere when riding, driving, eating, or on the bus. When you quit the game or do not interact with other elements in the game and sit peacefully, you will notice cats moving around in the forest and looking for valuable resources and ingredients that will help them cook better soups. You can use the new resources to facilitate new recipes.

It has been proved to be a great stress reliever, and people who pet cats and are cat lovers have enjoyed it as well.

Cats And Soup MOD APK Free Purchase

Graphics and sound

Cute and sweet, cats are the best. The reason why I play this game is not because of my love for dogs or my desire to make soup out of them. It’s actually due in part to their too-sweet drawings that have captured many hearts on social media over time (especially since they’re so difficult).

All activities in this game also take place on relaxing music with BGM, as if you have been lost among the greenery of a real green forest. Birds chirping and leaving rustling to fill your ears while rain pours down around you; all that is left for an unexpected touch would be owls hooting at night to complete its setting.

Download Cats And Soup MOD APK

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Credits: HIDEA (Owner & Publisher).

2.9/5 (616 votes)

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