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City Island 5 MOD APK v4.10.0 (Unlimited Money and Gold)

City Island 5 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a simulation game where you have to rule and manage your city.

Download (115M)
App Name City Island 5
Size 115M
Latest Version 4.10.0
MOD Info Unlimited Money and Gold
Google Play ID com.sparklingsociety.cityisland5

  • Unlimited Money and Gold
  • Free Shopping
  • All Unlocked
  • Level Max
  • Unlimited Coins

  • bug fixes and improvements

About City Island 5

City Island 5 is a popular simulation game with more than ten million downloads. You are the mayor of a small town based on just one small island, unlike other games where you have to manage just one city. So you have to use your airship to connect with the world and explore new islands where you can build more cities.

In it, you expand your horizon and skylines to many other islands and transform them into world-class cities. You have to build your new cities on different themes and lands to make them look unique. You can also play it offline and build your city without using an internet connection. You can also visit other players’ towns to get some ideas to implement in yours.

City Island 5 MOD APK

You have to start from scratch where it’s just a tiny town, but you have to keep making new buildings and search for new islands to expand your operations. There are a lot of quests and loads of content, so you will always have something to do. As your city grows, many new people from diverse places on earth will come to settle there.

There are hundreds of buildings to unlock, like hospitals, shopping centers, movie theaters, etc. You can also upgrade them to level max to increase their capacity. So it would help if you had clean air, water, better transport, education, and health facilities so they can enjoy themselves and relax.

Your city must have everything which an average person desires in his life. Keep making new malls and museums, and improve transport and other infrastructure to keep your city stable. If people can live a happy and healthy lifestyle, you can expect colossal victory. We have provided unlimited money and gold for free. So download City Island 5 MOD APK Latest version now.

City Island 5 MOD APK Hack

Build New Buildings

Your town in City Island 5 MOD APK must fulfill all the healthy living criteria before people start visiting and living in it. Some of the essential facilities you need are schools, colleges, museums, parliament, etc. We have provided all unlocked buildings so you can place them in your city.

You also need to upgrade your buildings and take care of their maintenance.

City Island 5 MOD APK Unlimited Money

Expand Your City

Your city is just spread on a single island. But you have to keep expanding it in the City Island 5 to make it keep growing. You can use your airship to explore new islands and make settlements there. Each one will have a different theme and place so people with different tastes worldwide can come to settle in there. Grow your city, and you will see neighbors coming into it.

You have a free shopping feature to do all the placements you require in the city without any limitations.

City Island 5 MOD APK Unlimited Gold

Rule and Govern

You can build and design the city in any way you want in City Island 5. But it would help if you made sure people living there are happy and more people are coming in. You will have your tax dollars growing, and as a mayor, you can use that money to improve and work on the city’s infrastructure. There are plenty of quests and achievements you can complete to win rewards.

You have unlimited coins, so put them to use. Build your city and govern it as long as you want to make it reach new heights and build new records.

City Island 5 MOD APK Unlimited Coin

Multiplayer Gameplay

City Island 5 is a multiplayer game where you can also invite your friends and play with them. you can also compete with them for several new people moving into your city. You can support them by sending them resources and other essential things to grow their cities. You can also visit their cities to get some fantastic ideas to apply in your towns. Yo

City Island 5 MOD APK Level Max

Credits: Sparkling Society – Build Town City Building Games (Owner & Publisher).

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