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Criminal Case: The Conspiracy v2.41 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Energy, Stars)

Download Criminal Case MOD APK (Unlimited Stars and Energy) for Android to get unlimited stars, all levels unlocked, no ads, free shopping, and much more for free.

Download (70M)
App Name Criminal Case
Size 70M
Latest Version 2.41
MOD Info Unlimited Stars and Energy
Google Play ID com.prettysimple.criminalcaseandroid

  • Unlimited Stars
  • Unlimited All
  • All Levels Unlocked
  • No Ads
  • unlimited money
  • free shopping
  • No time
  • Unlimited energy and hints

  • Bug Fixes and Improvements

About Criminal Case

Criminal Case is an adventure game in which you have to solve murder cases and has more than a hundred million downloads. You have to discover who killed a person named Rosa Wolf. You have to do a careful observation and examination of the crime scene. You have to shake hands with the Police of Grimsborough to solve many murder cases in this captivating hidden object game.

You have to look for clues, question the suspects, analyze the evidence to catch the killer. Prove your detective skills by solving these cases, bringing justice to innocent victims, and proving that no one is above the law. You have to go to ad investigate the crime scenes in a grim and corrupt city full of bad people and convict them with evidence.

Criminal Case MOD APK

Please invite your friends to play with you and help each other grow your detective skills and at the same time show off your skills to them. Examine clues and search for evidence on the crime site. You also have to interrogate witnesses and suspects to get the truth out of their mouths. This way, you keep working hard to solve a case and bring the killer to justice.

This game will help you sharpen your detective skills and make you a professional in crime hunting. There are hundreds of unique crime scenes in the game which involve hundreds of dead people and leave you with thousands of witnesses and suspects. You have to prioritize things accordingly to catch the killer as soon as possible.

Our mod version provides you with unlimited stars, unlimited all, all levels unlocked, no time, no ads, free shopping, and much more for free. So download it now.

Criminal Case MOD APK Unlimited Stars

Investigate Crime Scenes

You have to investigate hundreds of crime scenes, and each one will bring new challenges and missions for you. The city you live in is full of corrupt people, including police officers, mayors, and even your fellow investigators. So you can’t trust anybody and have to do everything on your own to bring justice to the killer. Look for all possible clues at the site.

You can’t convict the killer without proper evidence. So do your best. Examine each and everything for any possible data or evidence you possibly can extract.

Criminal Case MOD APK Unlimited Money

Examine Clues in Laboratory

Search for all possible clues and evidence at the crime site. You can pick up several items like a handprint, rubber ducky, hairdryer, postcard, gun, bowling ball, heart, wheel, and more to test them in your laboratory and look for all possible DNA tests.

Moreover, also collect the items which you feel can be helpful to like a candle, guitar, T-shirt and more. Check the CCTV cameras and get the list of all people the victim has met in recent days and has enmity with.

Criminal Case MOD APK Instant Analysis

Interrogate Witness & Suspects

You will be presented with a comprehensive list of suspects and witnesses who have any connection to the murder. You have to investigate and interrogate them by asking difficult questions carefully. Trap the with your questions about what happened during that time and where were they. Use the evidence and clues you found on the site to question them.

Soon, your list will start to narrow down, and you will come closer and closer to the killer. And when the time comes, make your move.

Criminal Case MOD APK No Time

Arrest the Killer

When you have gathered enough evidence and have interrogated people, now you have your killer, and it’s time to arrest them and present them to the court for a fair trial. He will be heard, and justice will be delivered. This will be the best thing for everyone as the victim’s soul and been relived. You will also get great rewards and resources for completing as many cases as you can.

You will also be ranked in the top player’s list with the most solved murders.

Criminal Case MOD APK No Ads

Credits: Pretty Simple (Owner & Publisher).

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3.9/5 (51 votes)

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