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Dead Cells MOD APK v3.3.6 (Menu, Unlocked DLC, Money)

Dead Cells MOD APK (DLC Unlocked) is an action game in which you have to explore a castle to solve the mystery of the gloomy island. You will get a lot of health for free.

Download (1.90G)
App Name Dead Cells
Size 1.90G
Latest Version 3.3.6
MOD Info Menu, Unlocked DLC, Money
Google Play ID

  • Unlocked DLC
  • Unlimited Cells
  • MOD Menu
  • Unlimited Health
  • God Mode

  • Korean Language
  • Bug Fixes and Improvements

About Dead Cells

Dead Cells is a popular action game with hundreds of thousands of downloads. It offers you a 2D combat gameplay in which you have to master using powerful weapons and skins to fight against minions and bosses. You are a failed alchemic experiment, and your mission is to explore the castle’s mystery on the gloomy island. But you have to fight with its protectors to enter it.

Earlier it was available only on PC and gaming consoles, but now you can enjoy it on your android device. You have to explore its high-quality world and watch each step as it can lead to your death. There are hundreds of extraordinary levels for you to unlock. Get in combat fight with your enemies and star copying their patterns to survive till the end.

Dead Cells MOD APK

Each one brings new ways to die and matches your playing styles or mood. Explore the entire castle to unleash its secrets and win rewards and prizes. You can play it in your custom mode, where you can change the run to your liking. You can also store your weapons like Crowbar, Hattori’s Katana, and more in a backpack while you fight powerful enemies, including Corpulent Zombies, Dancers, Demolishers, etc.

Many mutations occur with your character like Porcupak, Ranger’s Gear which can be very effective in battles. You can customize your avatar with many new outfits, designs, and other things to make it look good. Explore the luxurious scenes which appear in the gameplay. Fight against powerful bosses and have a look at the beautiful scenarios everywhere.

Land on the Fractured Shrines, Undying Shores, and the Mausoleum to complete missions and challenges to win rewards. It has a very easy-to-use interface for mobile devices and two gameplay modes which are Original & Auto-Hit. You can customize the control’s position, size, and sensitivity as you wish and attach an external controller. So download its latest version now.

Dead Cells MOD APK Dlc

Amazing Storylines

The gameplay starts where you are a failed alchemic experimenter who has to explore this mysterious world and make your way to the castle on the gloomy island to find out its secrets. But it would help if you fought its keepers, who are minions and bosses in the process. You have to master using combat weapons and skins to put up a fight. Each move can bring you death, so be careful.

Keep learning your enemy’s patterns to survive as long as possible, and if you fail, you will be sent back to your cell.

Dead Cells MOD APK MOD Menu

Multiple Gameplay Modes

In theory, there are two modes, Original & Auto-Hit, but there are plenty of phases with unique challenges which are no less than any mode.


You have to break from your prison cell in the castle and watch beautiful scenarios. There are a lot of monsters you have to fight with the help of locals like the Jerkshroom and the Yeeter. Master the use of powerful weapons like Scythe Claw to fight against Mama Tick and other powerful bosses. You have to compete in many new levels with unique obstacles to win rewards and resources.

Dead Cells MOD APK Unlimited Cells


You have to make your way through different forests like the Fractured Shrines, Undying Shores, and Mausoleum with their beautiful scenes and dangers. You have to defeat eight monsters who are the castle’s keepers and your relatives—Master weapons like the snake fangs with the locals to put up a great fight. Fight Scarecrow in the boss mode and show off your skills.

2D Action Gameplay

It has a 2D combat and action gameplay where you have to master several weapons and skills to fight with your foes. You have to also focus on your opponent’s pattern and defeat him before being sent to your cell. All the levels can be personalized to match your playing style and mood. You have custom controls that can be highly customized based on their position, size, and sensitivity.

You can also use an external controller with it.

Dead Cells MOD APK Unlimited Health

Credits: Playdigious (Owner & Publisher).

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