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Dealer’s Life 2 APK v1.015 (Unlimited Money)

Dealer's Life 2 APK is a simulation game where you are the owner of a pawn shop and are responsible for managing it and making a lot of money.

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App Name Dealer's Life 2
Size 159M
Latest Version 1.015
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Google Play ID com.AbyteEntertainment.DealersLife2

About Dealer’s Life 2 APK

Dealer’s Life 2 is a popular simulation game with over a hundred thousand downloads. You must work hard to develop it as your life depends on it. You are the owner of a pawn shop and have to grow it as soon as possible, or else you will need to sleep under a bridge.

You have to start small with a rundown shack, and with time, as you progress, you have to make deals with customers and hire employees to fulfill the market’s demands. You also have to participate in auctions to win the best things at the best price.

Moreover, in the game of business, you must be careful, as many scammers will try to sell you fake products and insurance. You have to calculate all your buying actions so you won’t waste your resources and use them for the best in business.

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Each customer comes to your shop with their own needs and requirements, and each has their psychological traits, so you have to learn to effectively deal with or negotiate with them without sounding rude.

You must put all your management, negotiation, and psychological skills to the test to acquire customers. We have also provided you with a free unlimited money feature and many more things in the gameplay. So download its latest version now.

Deal with Customers

Your pawn shop in Dealer’s Life 2 APK has thousands of customers daily, each with unique needs, requirements, temperament, and more. So you have to deal politely and efficiently with them to sign deals and grow your shop.

Each customer has their own personality and appearance, so you must be cautious in helping them choose the best product for themselves.

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Buy and Sell Items

There are thousands of items that you can sell in your pawn shop. But before selling, you have to buy them from another seller, which becomes a challenge as many people will try to scam you by selling fake products.

They will try their best to exploit you, so you must carefully and perfectly scan the products before making a purchase.

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Hire Employees

You can grow your pawn shop in Dealer’s Life only up to a limited point, but to expand it further, you will need to help manage your business and deal with the customers. You can have employees who are experts in a field for better work.

It would help if you listed many job positions for hiring employees, including analysts, experts, restorers, profilers, clerks, and many more in your pawn shop.

Manage Your Business

Everything you invest in your pawn shop will go to waste if you don’t have proper management in the business. You also have to take part in several auctions to buy business reasonably and then use them to make huge profits.

You have to work hard on your pawn shop like your life depends upon it.

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Credits: Abyte Entertainment Ltd (Owner & Publisher).

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