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Diggy’s Adventure MOD APK v1.20.2 (Unlimited Energy)

Download Diggy's Adventure MOD APK - Unlimited Energy - Latest version for Android to play with infinite money and unlock materials map for free.

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App Name Diggy's Adventure
Size 82M
Latest Version 1.20.2
MOD Info Unlimited Energy
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  • Unlimited Energy
  • Ads-Free

  • Bug fixes & Improvements

About Diggy’s Adventure

Diggy Adventure is a puzzle game to explore dig mines, unleash ancient civilization secrets and solve puzzles. Complete quests, levels, maze, mining to win rewards.

Survive challenging levels, mines, characters, tombs, mazes for trophies, treasures, gold & new characters. Explore new characters’ abilities to expand your camp.

Equip with digging tools to save time.

Solve puzzles, riddles to prove your intelligence & show off to other players. Dig to find maze and escape rooms while enjoying mining, exploring, and puzzle-solving.

Discover various items, ancient locations & hidden objects to use in solving puzzles.

So download it for free from this page.

500+ Levels, Characters & 1000+ Mines to Explore!

Journey into thousands of mines with unique obstacles for treasure & trophies. Create a different strategy for 500+ levels & characters with special abilities.

New levels, characters & mines are added every week. More difficulty means more rewards & more characters means more strength. So make the best use of all of them.

Participate in events each month for more rewards.

Diggy's Adventure MOD APK Unlimited Energy

Hidden objects & Puzzles!

Dig mines for ancient items, objects, and puzzles. Solve them to get rewards and resources. Search for hidden treasures, keys, trophies, or quests.

Play with max energy capacity and replenish it using the objects and items you found underground.

Diggy's Adventure MOD APK Latest Version

Become an Archeologist!

Explore the ancient world hidden below the ground and solve its puzzles and levels. Study the object to get clues in puzzles to open the new chest and loot epic treasures.

Start digging hard for new loot, logic puzzles, exploring exciting adventures, and leveling up your gameplay.

Craft New Items

Use various items & hidden objects you are found to craft new digging equipment to save time and energy. Start your farm with your dad to reveal the secrets of the ancient tombs.

Collect valuable items for mines that will be helpful for you in future puzzles and investigations.

Diggy's Adventure APK for Android

Diggy’s Adventure Premium Account for Free

The premium account has unlocked features like unlimited money/energy, free shopping, all paid items for free & much more.

  1. Join our telegram channel.
  2. Search for Diggy’s adventure premium.
  3. A list of email IDs and passwords appears.
  4. Sign in to the official diggy’s adventure game with them.

Note: Hurry Up! Accounts are in limited quantity.

CreditsPixel Federation Games (Owner & Publisher).

Visit to download mod apps & games for free.

Diggy's Adventure MOD APK Download

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get unlimited energy in Diggy’s Adventure? 

Download Diggy’s adventure mod apk to get unlimited energy, money for free.

Is Diggy’s Adventure free? 

Yes, but there are paid items, so our mod version provides everything for free.

Who made the Diggy game? 

The Pixel Federation Games made it.

How many father quests are there in Scandinavia? 

A total of twenty-five father quests are there in Scandinavia, where you have to create your farm with your dad and compete in it.

How do you unlock Scandinavia in Diggy’s Adventure? 

Complete all main, god’s, & fathers’ quests in Egypt to unlock Scandinavia in Diggy’s adventure.

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