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DogLife: BitLife Dogs MOD APK 1.8 (Top Dog Unlocked, no ads)

DogLife: BitLife Dogs MOD APK (Top Dogs Unlocked, No Ads) for Android to get god mode, infinite money, and more for free to pet a dog and raise it.

Download (109M)
App Name DogLife: BitLife
Size 109M
Latest Version 1.8
MOD Info Top Dog Unlocked, no ad
Google Play ID com.candywriter.doglife

  • Top Dog Acuqired
  • No Ads
  • God Mode
  • Infinite Money

  • Bug fixes and optimizations

About DogLife: BitLife Dogs

DogLife: BitLife Dogs is a popular simulation and RPG game in which you have to live life as a dog, and so far, it has gained more than a million users globally. The same creators made it of the popular game named BitLife. You can choose to be an attention-hungry stray dog on the street or become a man’s best friend and live in his house as a pet and protect him.

You can choose your own story and interact with hundreds of scenarios where you can become the best friend or the worst enemy. You will learn a lot about dogs in the game and realize that no two dogs are the same, just like the way we humans are. It provides you with hundreds of popular dog breeds to choose from, including golden retriever, bulldog, German shepherd, pitbull, Huskey, and so on.

You can choose one of the four destinations as your homes like a household, a shelter, a pet store, or a stray dog on the streets, and then your journey begins. You have to be the most dominant dog, climb at the top of the hierarchy, and prove that you are the badest god around and their boss. Show your skills and represent why dogs are a lot better than cats.

DogLife BitLife Dogs MOD APK

Wherever you live, you have to complete many missions and achievements to earn rewards and ribbons, which will be very useful. It provides you with a kennel feature to use when you have too many puppies and can’t take care of all of them so that you can send them to your friends. Soon, you will also meet and interact with other animals in the place.

You can either be at peace or keep the fight between dogs and cats keep going. When you have found a lovely dog, you can use your custom character to integrate it into your story. Collect scents of kittens and add them to your database to quickly identify them. Keep working to improve your scenarios, which will put you on the top of the food chain. There are endless possibilities, and your choices determine your fate.

DogLife Top Dog No Ads

Our mod version provides you with top dog acquired, no ads, god mode, infinite money, and much more for free. So download it now.

Start His Life

When the gameplay starts, you will be requested to choose the dog’s life. You can choose any breed of dogs like pitbull, golden retriever, bulldog, German shepherd, Husky, and much more. Moreover, you can also choose to start his life in the streets and make him a street dog or adopt a man who domesticates him and lives with him.

But in return, he has to protect himself and guard his house and other assets.

DogLife MOD APK God Mode

Make Choices & Face Consequences

You have plenty of choices to make; the first and the most important one is making him a stray dog or a pet one. Depending upon which of the two scenarios you have chosen, there will be hundreds of other choices you have to make. Each of those choices will determine your fate in the game and make them wisely, and there will be consequences accordingly.

Whenever someone tries to interact with you, you can choose to bite, run or be friendly with them. It all depends on you.

Live Your Best Life

You will interact with other animals in the group, so you must try your best to avoid fights and be at peace. But at the same time, you also have to make it to the top of the dominance hierarchy and the food chain so you can meet a female dog and procreate. Perform well on indexes of happiness, health, cuteness, love, and respect to live your best life. All these indexes determine the quality of your life.

Moreover, you can also journal your life every year, six months or so, to record all the events that revolve around it.


Die Happy!

When you have completed your lifespan, it will result in death, and on your grave, many things about you will be mentioned. Your name, breed, residence, mates, lovers, average value, reason of death, and all the events will be recorded during the last few days of your life. Moreover, your happiness levels will also be represented.

This way, others can ensure whether you lived a peaceful or a devilish lifestyle. The more the happiness index, the more rewards you will get.

DogLife Game Download

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Credits: Candywriter, LLC (Owner & Publisher).

4.7/5 (156 votes)

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