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Dragon Blaze MOD APK v1.33 (Damage & Defense Multipliers)

Dragon Blaze MOD APK is an RPG game where you must choose your character and participate in an arena battle to win rewards.

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App Name Dragon Blaze
Size 576M
Latest Version 1.33
MOD Info Damage & Defense Multipliers
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About Dragon Blaze

Dragon Blaze is a popular RPG game with more than five million downloads. It provides you with tens of characters, each with unique powers and abilities, which you have to choose to participate in fights. You can also upgrade them to increase their damage, health, and controls to use them better in multiplayer battles.

The gameplay has a fantastic adventure-based plot and storylines where you are told the backstory of your character and its mission. You must join the battle arena with your chosen characters and use their abilities to fight with other players. But before, you must prepare an excellent strategy to guarantee your victory in the classic action battles.

You must prepare your guild of powerful heroes and fight alongside them to conquer the castle and win rewards. Each level has a boss and is the most potent enemy you have to fight using damage & defense multipliers. You have to choose from tens of heroes and use their abilities to fight with bosses in the boss mode.

Dragon Blaze MOD APK

The game provides plenty of missions, achievements, and challenges every month, which you can complete to win various rewards. We have equipped you with all the unlocked features and much more for free. So download its latest version now.

Get Lost in its World

Dragon Blaze has an epic world of adventures waiting for you, which is better than any other RPG game. It takes you on a wild adventure where you have to strive to become the greatest legend by forming a team of powerful heroes and competing with other players in the arena. Its world is full of many mysteries and rewards you must solve and win.

You must focus on multiplayer raid battles and prepare your strategy to win every single one. Moreover, it has a huge storyline and plot, which tells you about the characters in the game and helps you unveil the shadow conspiracy and decide your mission in the game.

Dragon Blaze Classic MOD APK

Fight with Foes!

Dragon Blaze provides a battle arena where you have to choose your characters and compete with other players, and the winner gets many rewards. You have to create your team of powerful heroes to face deadly enemies, participate in battles in the arena, use your skills, and prepare epic strategies to win them.

You can participate in raid battles where you can win powerful items, increasing the strength of your heroes and your chances of winning in future competitions. The game has many levels, and the difficulty keeps growing.

Dragon Blaze MOD APK Unlimited Rubies

Amazing Characters

Dragon Blaze provides tens of unique characters you can use in battles. It provides you with character classes and abilities that you can use to create your character, which reflects your strengths and styles. It would help to use the characters in its immersive stories and strategic battles.

You must battle with many fearsome bosses in Dragon Blaze, but before, you must upgrade your characters to help them max out their powers and abilities. Otherwise, you will be easily crushed by those powerful bosses.

Download Dragon Blaze MOD APK

Get Placed in Leaderboards!

Each month, new seasons come, and your leaderboards and ranks get erased. So you will need to hold an excellent position in them which lasts longer. It would be best to win as many battles as possible in Dragon Blaze, as it will determine your place in the leaderboards.

But before, you must max out your characters and participate in as many battles as possible to increase your chances of winning.

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