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Dragons: Rise of Berk MOD APK v1.76.6 (Unlimited Runes/Iron)

Dragons: Rise of Berk MOD APK is a simulation game where you have to train, breed and hatch dragons to protect your village and evolve them to grow more robust and challenging.

Download (99M)
App Name Dragons: Rise of Berk
Size 99M
Latest Version 1.76.6
MOD Info Unlimited Runes/Iron
Google Play ID com.ludia.dragons

About Dragons: Rise of Berk

Dragons: Rise of Berk is a popular simulation game with over fifty million downloads. The gameplay plot is that some strangers suddenly start appearing in your village, and you need to use the legendary powers of your dragons to keep it safe. You have to build your village where you can rescue, hatch and train dragons to protect your town.

The game provides you with more than six hundred dragons, each with unique powers and abilities that are very helpful in defending your village against strangers. You can upgrade them to increase their flying speed, damage, and other authorities and max out their dragon levels to use their highest potential. You also have unlimited runes to evolve any dragon you want and upgrade their powers.

Dragons Rise of Berk MOD APK

You also have a dragon arena where you can send your dragons to compete with others and test their abilities against one another. We have provided free shopping so you can get your desired dragons and even the legendary ones to fight for you in the arena. The game keeps adding new content every season, so you will always be energized.

We have also provided you with unlimited runes and everything to make your gameplay more accessible and enjoyable. So download its latest version now.

Dragons Rise of Berk MOD APK Unlimited Everything

600+ Dragons

Dragons: Rise of Berk provides over six hundred unique dragons, mainly from movies and TV shows like Stormfly, Hookfang, Skullcrusher, Toothless, and many more. You have more than seventy-five different dragon species, including Monstrous Nightmares, Typhoomerangs, Deadly Nadders, and many more. You also have many legendary dragons, which are way more potent than ordinary ones.

You will need to rescue, hatch and train your dragon correctly to have a bond with them and then evolve them. These dragons are the only things protesting your village, and you will also need to develop them and increase their powers so they can effectively do it. Moreover, the game keeps growing the number and types of dragons, so you have plenty of options.

Dragons Rise of Berk MOD APK Unlimited Money And Gems

60+ Unique Islands

The game provides more than sixty unique islands in the Viking Territory where you can train your dragons and help them grow their powers and abilities. You can unlock many legendary dragons in these places and use their strengths to defend your village. Each village is uniquely designed and contains many hidden rewards, so you must explore every part to take advantage.

Each island provides a unique environment for your dragons to enhance their skills and become even more powerful. You can train your dragons with different things on every island and help them learn different abilities to be used in battles. One island offers many facilities for dragons to improve their powers while the others don’t, so choose your islands wisely.

Dragons Rise of Berk MOD APK Unlimited Runes And Irons

Multiplayer Battles in the Arena

When you have trained and evolved your dragons to be the best version of themselves, then it’s time to take them to multiplayer battles in Dragons: Rise of Berk. You can compete with other players to test who has more powerful dragons in the battle arena, and the winner gets many rewards and scores, which means your name on the leaderboards.

You can also participate in many missions and challenges with your dragons to improve their powers and win rewards. You must clash head-on with your rivals in Brawl and Gauntlet to defeat them and collect bonuses. You can also participate in Berkian Feasts to complete tasks and win prizes.

Dragons Rise of Berk MOD APK Latest Version

Amazing Graphics and Animations

Dragons: Rise of Berk provides you with stunning visuals, audio effects, and 3D animations, which means you will have the best dragon gameplay experience of any other game. However, you will only get the highest graphics your device supports, so you must customize it in the settings.

With every update, the game improves its graphics, audio, and animations to meet the expectations of the players.

Dragons Rise of Berk MOD APK Free Shopping
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