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DraStic DS Emulator APK r2.6.0.4a (MOD, Licence Resolved)

DraStic DS Emulator APK (MOD, Licence Resolved) - allows you to play all the Nintendo DS games on your android device. Nintendo DS games have become very popular all over the world and here's a simple trick to play it on your android mobile device.

Download (13M)
App Name DraStic DS Emulator
Size 13M
Latest Version r2.6.0.4a
MOD Info Paid for free (no license required)
Google Play ID com.dsemu.drastic

  • Licence Resolved
  • No patcher needed

About DraStic DS Emulator APK

DraStic DS is the popular emulator for playing Nintendo DS games on android. You can access the full version and the latest version of those games on your android device for free.

The app starts where you have to choose your favorite Nintendo DS games and start playing. Popular games like Mario Kart, Pokémon are included in it for sure.

DraStic DS Emulator has completed more than a million downloads from all over the world which makes it among the most popular Nintendo DS emulators of all time.

The DraStic DS Emulator APK which we provide does require no license (Patched) for you to use so you can enjoy Paid (pro) features for free.

Enhance the game’s 3D graphics

When you play the games the graphics matters a lot so you have to Customise it. Set it to the 2 by 2 times their original resolution and get the best possible experience. Next, you have to Customise the graphics in the games you play.

Customize the placement and size

The DS screens require customizations in size and placements for sure. You have to choose and switch between the portrait and the landscape mode depending upon Which games you play. So make sure to adjust these settings when you start playing each game.

Fully supports add-on controllers

Playing with a physical controller will be a lot more fun so it supports all the types of physical controllers. You can choose to use any of those like Nvidia Shield and Xperia Play and much more for a better gaming experience.

Save Your Progress in the Game

Connect your game account to Google drive and start saving your progress in it. You have to click on the Save button to save your game on it.

Credits: Exophase made this game. So, full credit goes to them for sharing the fun Nintendo DS emulator with us.

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