EMERGENCY HQ Mod Apk (Unlimited Money, Speed Up) v1.7.11

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PublisherPromotion Software GmbH
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Speed Up
Updated July 15, 2022

  • Speed Up
  • Players speed multiplier (x1 – x10)

EMERGENCY HQ can be downloaded and played for free, but Unlimited Money and Gems are not available because it is controlled online on the game’s server.

NOTE: If your device running on Android 6.0 and above, then you have to enable permissions manually. Settings > Apps > Game Name > Permissions | Display over other apps.

EMERGENCY HQ MOD APK – Unlimited Money – Latest Version Download for android. And get a speed Up and upgrade Mordheim buildings to enjoy this fire fighting game a lot.


About Emergency HQ

It’s a simulation game in which frequent emergencies take the place of every type. So you have to do the role of a firefighter, doctor, police, and many more emergency service officials.

Also, you have to drive and use all of their vehicles to reach the desired site as soon as possible and rescue people.

It teaches you practical ways of handling the emergence we frequently have to face in our real lives.

The levels of urgency range from mild, moderate to severe.

In the police department, hospitalization comes under mild to moderate, while terrorist attacks and fire come under severe emergencies.


You can start the download from the links given below.

However unlimited money Money and gems are impossible because it is controlled online on the game’s server.

EMERGENCY HQ Unlimited Money

Summon Your Rescue Team

Create your team of rescue warriors to protect the people in the city from all sorts of emergencies.

Enter the crime and other scenes where you investigate and take the necessary action to save innocent lives.

Fight the Chaos

Deploy your team and use all the technology and other services to function through the sites properly.

Inform all the necessary departments like the police, firefighter, and others if needed.

Challenging Accidents

Find tons of accidents each day as thousands of missions are waiting for you to solve them.

However, you will meet with obstacles like running out of water, fuel, or other necessities.

So you have to be prepared for everything that’s coming.

Build Your HQ and Join Others

There are many working rescue forces in the city along with you, so join them in missions.

Also, build your HQ so you can communicate with the rest of the world effectively and efficiently.

Explore the world of emergence with them and take respective measures to solve them.

Enter challenges and even in several modes to win more resources and rewards.

Download EMERGENCY HQ MOD APK – Unlimited Money, Speed Up

Credits: Promotion Software GmbH is the owner and publisher of it.

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