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Evil Nun APK MOD v1.8.7 (Unlimited Money, No Attack)

Evil Nun APK MOD is a horror game where you have to survive in a school guarded by a nasty nun who can hear any noise and come after you.

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App Name Evil Nun
Size 172M
Latest Version 1.8.7
MOD Info Unlimited Money, No Attack
Google Play ID com.keplerians.evilnun

  • Unlimited Money
  • Not Attack
  • No Ads
  • MOD Menu
  • GOD Mode
  • Unlimited Coins

  • Updated ad network libraries

About Evil Nun: Horror in the School

Evil Nun is a horror and arcade game with more than fifteen million players. You are trapped in a school full of mystery and survival, guided by an evil nun who has hearing superpowers. She looks like a granny, a ghost, and a zombie but is scarier than them. You have to escape the school as soon as possible without getting caught and killed by her.

Nun is eager to kill you, and the only way to escape is to solve puzzles. She will not attack you in our version of the game, so you can roam freely and explore the school. You will have to build weapons in case of an attack, defend yourself, and complete projects. You can use chewing gum and an explosive doll to make things explore and surprise the Nun.

Evil Nun APK MOD

You are not alone fighting the Nun in the game. There’s a mystery in a secret place in the house with three children. No one knows whether they are dead or alive. They are scared of coming out and leaving the school, so you have to rescue them and become a hero. Nun will lock other children, so you have to protect them too.

If you are not scared of the gameplay, there is a ghost mode with hours of horrific gameplay. The gameplay is Halloween-style, with many creatures like zombies, nuns, ghosts, and more appearing in the game. You have to defeat them all using our God Mode and improve your skills to hide, run and escape the haunted school.

We have provided unlimited coins and much more in our game. So download its latest version as soon as possible. You can also suggest your ideas in its support section to add to the game.

Evil Nun MOD APK Hack

Escape the School

The evil nun has a unique ability to hear any noise, even the slightest one. So walk carefully and avoid booby traps that may produce sound and attract her towards yourself. She will bring horror and death to you, so keep her as farther away as possible. You are dead when she finds you, and your adventure ends here. But play strategically and explore the school to escape it finally.

Many unique places to hide like a farm, parking area, library, and more.

Evil Nun MOD APK God Mode

Unlock All Skins on Nun

The Evil Nun looks very scary and is a mix of ghosts, zombies, granny, and other dangerous elements of nature. She has many skins like a queen, robot, princess, doctor, and other real-life characters. Some of them make her look scarier, and others look less. We have unlocked all of her skins in our MOD Menu, and you can choose from there.

Each skin also determines her ability to run fast, slow, use weapons, etc.

Evil Nun  MOD APK No Ads

Explore the School

Solve puzzles and defeat every Halloween character that comes in your way. As you keep playing it for a long time, you will discover that you aren’t alone there and there’s a mysterious laundry room hidden in the school which contains three children. You don’t know whether they are alive or dead, but you must rescue them and the other children captured by the Evil Nun.

The ghost mode takes the horror gameplay to the next level.

Evil Nun MOD APK Not Attack

Build Weapons to Protect Yourself

You can craft defensive weapons to protect yourself from the Evil Nun MOD APK and buy yourself some time to plan for the escape. Use chewing gums and explosive dolls to put up a trap and lead her to it. You can also craft other weapons like a golden cross yellow ruler, heavy sword, hammer, mace with skulls, super heavy mace, etc. These weapons won’t kill her but cause unbearable agony.

You have to solve puzzles to find an escape route to live your life finally.

Evil Nun MOD APK Unlimited Money

Credits: Keplerians Horror Games (Owner & Publisher).

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