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ExoMiner MOD APK v1.3.11 (Unlimited Money/Free Purchase)

ExoMiner Idle Miner Adventure MOD APK is a simulation game where you must build your colonial empire by traveling to different planets and conquering them to utilize their resources.

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App Name ExoMiner
Size 68M
Latest Version 1.3.11
MOD Info Unlimited Money/Free Purchase
Google Play ID com.eldring.exominer

About ExoMiner – Idle Miner Universe

ExoMiner Idle is a popular simulation game with more than five million downloads. Your mission in the game is to conquer planets, leave your mark on them, and do it before other influential people like Bezos, Rockefeller, Musks, Medici, and more. Traveling to different worlds will make tons of money for you as you create many life-changing technologies to reach the stars.

It will be a life-changing journey from rags to riches as in the early days, and you are an entrepreneur who has just begun to build his empire on many galactic fronts. There are plenty of planets in the game that you can discover and visit to earn more points and rise ahead. There are also no ads in the game so that you won’t be distracted by them.

ExoMiner MOD APK

The gameplay is straightforward, and you will witness your character grow his company from a small mine and spaceship to colonize multiple planets. As you conquer several worlds, you receive massive revenue from them and many more. To make your journey even more accessible, we have provided you unlimited relics and much more for free.

You can discover many rare materials and minerals on different planets, which you can use to craft valuable items and invent new technologies to get even ahead in the game. We also provide free shopping to get everything you need to create new things. You also have unlimited money and many more features for free. So download its latest version now.

ExoMiner MOD APK Free Shopping

Explore Planets

The gameplay in ExoMiner Idle Miner Adventure MOD APK starts where your character is an entrepreneur who is just beginning his journey from rags to riches. Armed with only a tiny spaceship, you must work very hard to grow your empire on many galactic fronts so one day, you can have a lot of wealth.

The game is straightforward as you have to progress by building your empire using only a humble mine and a small spaceship, but it will reach new planets and conquer them, so you get to take and keep all the money.

ExoMiner MOD APK Unlimited Relics

Earn Profits

As you keep colonizing and ruling new planets in ExoMiner MOD APK, it’s time for you to make new sources of income so your empire can progress and grow even faster. Sending people in a spaceship to conquer planets is only the tip of the iceberg, as a lot is going on with the plans.

As you settle on a planet, it’s time to make its resources more effective and valuable to you. You will discover many rare and necessary materials to create new technologies to help people and further grow your empire.

ExoMiner MOD Menu APK

Collect Useful Elements

The planets you conquer in ExoMiner MOD Menu APK are full of many valuable elements and materials you can mine to fill your pockets. You can mine for more than sixty-eight materials from ores, alloys, and ingots, which you can discover and craft. Moreover, you will find much more helpful stuff on the planet.

You can use all the valuable metals, items, alloys, ores, and more you collect from the planets to craft items that people will buy from you to make a hefty profit.

ExoMiner MOD APK Download

Build your Empire

Your empire in ExoMiner keeps growing even when you have put your phone away, as all your installations of miners, ships, and heavy machinery keep working for hours and hours.

Whether you are eating or sleeping, your empire will keep growing.

4.5/5 (2 votes)

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Next time pls make it only infynity relics for it to be fun and not just fast end game
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