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FM WhatsApp APK v9.95 Download (Latest Version)

Download FM Whatsapp APK latest version 2022 free for Android. Here On this page, we have managed to share the latest and tested version along with older versions of FM Whatsapp. So don’t miss out – download FM WhatsApp right now!

Download (76M)
App Name FM WhatsApp
Size 76M
Latest Version 9.95
MOD Info Latest Version
Google Play ID com.fmwhatsapp

About FM Whatsapp

Whatsapp is a messaging app with a following of over 1 billion users. While the app is available on most platforms, there are some features that are unavailable on certain devices. FM WhatsApp is an unofficial app that brings all the features of WhatsApp to devices that don’t have them.

FM Whatsapp has been gaining in popularity as a result of its combination of features that are not found in the original WhatsApp app. These features include the ability to listen to music and radio stations while messaging, as well as the option to watch videos.

In addition, FM Whatsapp also includes several privacy features that are not available in WhatsApp. For example, you can hide your last seen, profile photo, and status from other users. You can also choose who can see your contact number. This makes FM Whatsapp a great choice for those who want more privacy when using messaging apps.

WhatsApp’s popularity is skyrocketing, but there are some who want to take advantage of it. A new app called FM WhatsApp can help you maximize your messaging experience with features that were once only available in more expensive apps!

FM WhatsApp allows you to transfer files without any interruption or message complexity. It’s perfect for sending large attachments, such as high-resolution photos and videos.

It can also be used in emergencies when there isn’t enough time on your phone line – just press ” Attend” on an unanswered message from anyone who needs help urgently so they don’t have to wait until their next break before getting back with everyone else again later down the line.

Use Two WhatsApp Accounts on One Smartphone

WhatsApp is a powerful messaging application that offers many features to its users. However, there’s one major drawback: if you have more than two different accounts on WhatsApp then using them will be really difficult because of the need for multiple logins and devices. But don’t worry this problem can easily get solved with the FM WhatsApp app that allows people to use both sides in parallel.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to solve this problem. You can simply create two different accounts on the same device and use them in parallel.

Don’t worry! You can still use dual WhatsApp on one phone. Download the latest version of FMWhatsApp to get started now.

Increase Speed of File Transfer

With the release of new features, it is now easier to enhance your messaging experience with Facebook. You can enjoy increased limits and other privacy options that were never available before in this type of app for Android devices.

With the ability to transmit file types up to 50 MB, this problem will be resolved with relative ease. It doesn’t matter if you want to share videos or photos sent across chat rooms as their maximum capacity may only hold 1 GB at most.

Get Rid of Annoying Notifications

How would you like to send a message or call someone without having them save their number? With WhatsApp, this isn’t possible. But thanks for FM Whatsapp.

This feature is lifesaving when sending one-time texts and can be done by clicking 3 dots on the upper right corner followed by “message A Number”.

You just need to enter your desired recipient’s phone book label (such as work) into our quick filter bar – we do all of the hard work so that it will look exactly how YOU want to; then click “Send.”

With the new update, you can now hide notifications that are not wanted. This will solve a problem with using your device and receiving unwanted messages or spammy content in them.

Features of FM Whatsapp

FM Whatsapp is so popular because it has all of the features that you love in an app. But did ya know there’s more than just sending messages? Here are some other cool things about these awesome features:

Fingerprint Lock

WhatsApp has become increasingly popular over the years, and for good reason: it offers a fingerprint lock that makes sure your messages stay safe.

When someone opens WhatsApp on their phone or tablet–the first thing they need to do is slide up from the bottom right corner (or tap); this will ask if you want a security PIN that keeps out hackers who try accessing personal data like texts among many other features offered by an app such as sending videos/ photos easily even without any prior experience.

Media Sharing

As mentioned earlier, WhatsApp is a powerful app but it has some limitations set into it. That’s why people are trying hard to find alternatives like FM Whatsapp which allows you to send more than 30 images at once. And also exceeds the file size limit for documents so that your messages won’t get filtered by receivers who don’t want their information leaked or accessible without permission.

Emojis Variant FM Whatsap

You can choose the emoji variant you want to use with FMWhatsApp. You have options such as Stock, Facebook Emoji One v3 and Android 0 emojis so that your message will never go emotionalized.

With the new option to use emoji in Facebook Messenger, you can now edit your messages with any of these customizable symbols. Choose between Stock emojis and more than 20 others.

The ability was previously available only through third-party apps or keyboards but at last month’s F8 event Apple introduced its own set that will be included within the iOS 12 release later this year – providing users access via their iPhone/iPad touch.

Click on your chat bubble three dots at the upper right corner then choose “message numbers.” Entering just gets begun so stop scrolling through pages looking for what comes next because we’re here with all of them already 😉

Anonymous messaging

Thanks to FM Whatsapp, sending a message without saving the recipient’s number is now possible. This feature will be lifesaving when you want to send one-time text messages and it couldn’t be easier! Simply click on your chat bubble three dots at the upper right corner then choose “message numbers.”

If you’re looking for an app that offers a variety of features, then FMWhatsApp might be right up your alley. This free messaging service has everything from disabling video calls and changing themes to anonymity in forwarding messages; all at no cost!

Use multiple themes

With the photo app, you can change your messaging interface to be more interesting. You’ll have a lot of options for customization with beautiful themes and great features that will keep boredom at bay!

Increased restrictions

This is the perfect app for any large group messageboard. You can send messages to 500 people at once, which wouldn’t be possible with an original App that only allows 250 members!

You can send up to 60 images in a single transaction! The original app doesn’t permit this, but we’ve fixed that.

Maintain Your Privacy

The privacy settings of the app can be customized to hide features like last seen, blue ticks and double ticks. With the new updated version of this app, you are now able to turn off video calling features!

The app lock function can be used to keep your data safe with a password.

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