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Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy MOD APK v1.9.8 (Menu)

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy MOD APK is a climbing and hiking game in which you have to slide, jump and climb the top of the hill.

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App Name Getting Over It
Size 140M
Latest Version 1.9.8
MOD Info Menu
Google Play ID com.noodlecake.gettingoverit

  • Unlimited Gravity/Speed
  • Premium Unlocked
  • Paid Unlocked

  • Bug Fixes
  • Improvements

About Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is a simulation game in which you have to climb the hill by surpassing all the challenges and difficulties. It’s one of the most challenging games in the market, and the true hardcore gamers can complete it. So far, millions of players have already registered in it.

You may think it’s straightforward, and you only need to climb the rocks. But wait, your character only has a hammer, and most of its body is stuck in a pot. You have to use the hammer to strike the rock and pull your body above it. All the physical factors like gravity laws of motion will try to stop you, but you have to keep working as hard as possible.

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy MOD APK

It will test your patience and often makes you angry and violent. It has realistic physics, which causes players to fail many attempts. While you climb, you have to use your skills to make it through complicated places. You have to control a guy who has a hammer and is stuck in a pot to reach his dream of climbing the mountain.

You can use your hammer to push, pull or apply force in any direction. It would be best to have smooth and precise control of the hammer as it’s the best tool. You can choose to control it using a joystick or touch screen buttons, and both are highly customizable to match your playing styles. The path to climb the mountain is not simple and has plenty of still objects in the way.

You have to use the physics and hammer to climb it. You cannot save your game at any random point, so you must start from the first step if you fall from the mountain. This can be very frustrating for some players. It features a map editor using which players can design their map with challenges to test their skills. You can also share them with other players and get ratings on them.

Getting Over It MOD APK Gravity Hack

Moreover, you can also play on the maps designed by other players. You can also customize your character with a large number of outfits. We also provide unlimited gravity/speed to increase your climbing speed. So download its latest version.

Amazing Challenges

There are many simulation games to play, but they can stand anywhere close to the Getting Over It as in it players often get frustrated, impatient, angry, and they have to learn to control their emotions to win it. You should play it only if you are ready for a mental and physical challenge. Using only a hammer is not an easy way to climb a mountain.

You will be under the pressure of gravity and the laws of motion. But working hard enough will help you overcome all those and win a lot of rewards and prizes.

Realistic Physics

You will get a lot of realistic physics, making it very hard to climb the mountain. You are a guy stuck in a pot and only has a hammer to climb. So it would help if you made a wise decision with timings when you exert force, either push or pull with a hammer on the rock. It would help if you watched your every action precisely. If you make one wrong move, you are back to where you started.

It would help if you also were speedy as gravity will constantly try to tear your apart.

Endless Gameplay

It would help if you climbed the mountain with your hammer. You can do that within ten minutes, or it takes hours; it all depends on your skillset. You have to try to complete it as soon as possible without falling. If you do one lousy step, you will go back to where you have started and all your progress will be lost. You also can’t save your progress and have to complete it in one go.

It would be best if you had strong willpower and patience to play it. It will teach you never to give up, no matter how worse the situation gets.

Graphics & Controls

It brings all the authentic world graphics along with physics into the game. The controls are also precise to help you climb the mountain as soon as possible.

Credits: (OWner & Publisher).

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4.5/5 (81 votes)

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