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Giant Wanted MOD APK v1.1.56 (Unlimited Money)

Giant Wanted MOD APK is an action game where you are a hero with the skills to use powerful weapons, like sniper rifles, to protect your home from invaders.

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App Name Giant Wanted
Size 143M
Latest Version 1.1.56
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Google Play ID com.megatouch.giantwanted

  • Money increases when used
  • Get rewarded without watching ads

About Giant Wanted

Giant Wanted is a popular action and shooter game with more than ten million downloads. The gameplay is quite simple: you must pick up arms to protect your home from foreign invaders. You have access to powerful sniper rifles, which can cause significant damage to your foes and take them down with a single blow.

Plenty of monsters will keep appearing on the screen; as a hero sniper, you have to kill them all. You have to also play on multiple levels, and each one will be a lot tougher than the one before, so you must constantly improve your aiming and shooting skills. You also have access to all the mod menu features to make taking down the monsters a walk in the park.

Giant Wanted MOD APK

You must defeat high-level bosses and upgrade your weapons to increase their damage, reloading capacity, firing range, and other specifications. There are plenty of primary and secondary weapons which you can use to defeat your foes. You can unlock all the new weapons, which are even more lethal and help you win with a single shot.

You must participate in intense real-time sniper battles where a simple mistake can lead to death. It would help if you also erased the obstacles to using your high-energy sniper bullets to hit your targets and kill them once and for all. You must also adjust the shooting angle and master the timing to take down your enemies.

We have also provided a feature using Money increases when used, and you get rewards even without watching ads as we have delivered no ads. We have also added unlimited money and many more unlocked features for free. So download its latest version now.

Giant Wanted MOD APK No Ads Unlimited Money

Fight with Monsters

The city is your only home in Giant Wanted MOD APK, and the monsters constantly appear to make it their own. So you have to gear up and use your sniper rifles to take them down. Each level presents you with a more powerful monster, and you will need to attack their weakest points to defeat them successfully.

You must master using its controls, so you don’t have to move your character and can aim and shoot down monsters from the same position. You have to aim and shoot accurately as there are only a few places on the monsters’ bodies where you can shoot to take them down instantly.

Giant Wanted MOD APK Download

Pick Your Weapons to Kill Monsters

Giant Wanted provides many weapons to fight monsters, but the best is the additional one. Bazooka is a different weapon that can significantly damage enemies in a big area. It only gets activated in a specific condition and when you have minimal ammo and the firing mechanism is different from other weapons.

You will also need to upgrade your weapons to improve their damage; otherwise, at higher levels, you won’t be able to take down enemies even when you hit their weakest point. There are tens of new weapons in the game, which you can unlock and use by completing levels.

Giant Wanted MOD APK Unlimited Money And Gems

Complete Missions and Challenges

Plenty of monsters enter the city in Giant Wanted and start destroying it; you are the only thing standing between the two. Each monster has a weak point, attacking which can take them down instantly, while attacking other parts can partially affect their health. You can complete many missions and challenges in the city to win rewards, unlock more powerful weapons, and more.

There are many stages in the game, and you must complete many missions and quests before you fight with the monster bosses. You will also have movie monsters like Godzilla and more in the game.

Download Giant Wanted MOD APK Unlimited Money

Easy to Play

Giant Wanted is a straightforward and simple-to-play game compared to other action-shooting games. Your character is a hero who has to use his sniper rifle to protect the city from the invading monsters. You will have to defeat as many monsters as possible to reach higher levels and fight with powerful bosses.

In some levels, you will also get more advanced and high-damage weapons like bazooka and more to quickly take down foes and win huge rewards.

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