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Gladihoppers MOD APK v3.0.4 (Unlimited Money and Health)

Gladihoppers MOD APK is an action game with the theme of the ancient roman empire where you are a gladiator and have to fight in the arena.

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App Name Gladihoppers
Size 38M
Latest Version 3.0.4
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Google Play ID com.DreamonStudios.Gladihoppers

About Gladihoppers – Gladiator Fight

Gladihoppers is a popular action game with more than five million downloads. We all have heard of the stories of the gladiator fights in ancient Rome, and now this game provides you with a virtual arena to show off your fighting skills. You are a gladiator who has to compete in 1v1 gladiator battles in the hall to win rewards. You can use the mod menu to make the fights a walk in the park and easily win them.

In this gladiator battle simulator, you have a combination of realistic 2d physics and animation to provide you with the best possible fighting experience. Its combat system offers two unique battle stances for you so you can perform your attacks and infringe as much damage as possible to foes. You can also play in god mode, where you have to face opponents one after another and win a lot of rewards.

Gladihoppers MOD APK

It provides you more than ninety weapons to enter the battle arena, including helmets, armor, swords, axes, shields, and much more. You have to attack with varying power and speed each time. You have unlimited upgrades to increase the strength of your gladiators and bring out the best in them in battles. You can also upgrade these weapons to improve their damage.

You have excellent graphics, which means stunning visuals and a high-quality gladiator experience. The gameplay has no ads, so that you can get your focus on the fights. You can also have secret names for your characters. We have also provided you with unlimited money and health features. So download its latest version now.

Gladihoppers MOD APK Unlimited Money And Health

Multiplayer Gameplay

Gladihoppers MOD APK provides multiplayer gameplay where you have to compete with other players worldwide or your friends in the gladiator arena to win rewards. You must strive to win as many matches as possible to get resources to further progress in the game.

You can use the earned resources to improve your gameplay and have your name on the leaderboards. You have melee and ranged combat weapons for each body part.

Gladihoppers MOD APK God Mode

Multiple Gameplay Modes

Gladihoppers provides you with four gameplay modes, which you can choose as per your likes.

Career mode: You must participate in gladiator events and use tactics and tricks to bring your name and fame.

‘Spartacus’ War’ strategy mode: It’s an all-out war mode where you have to raise your armies of gladiators and proceed to resourceful towns to conquer them.

‘Save the Emperor’ arcade mode: This is a defense mode, unlike the war mode, which was based on the offense. You have to defend your emperor and participate in endless fighting experiences.

Quick Fight mode: You can quickly enter multiplayer duel matches and split your screen on the same device.

Gladihoppers MOD APK No Ads

Plenty of Equipment

You have access to hundreds of valuable weapons and equipment of the roman era, which can be used to defeat other players, but before you have to master using them. These weapons include axes, maces, pants, gloves, and shoes,

You can also take the character of sixteen top gladiators in the roman empire, which includes Romans, Gauls, Nubians, and Egyptians.

Gladihoppers MOD APK Latest Version

Play in Many Arenas

During the roman empire, gladiator sports were prevalent, so there wasn’t just a single but many arenas. All these arenas are still present in Rome, Italy; the most popular one among them is The Colosseum.

Moreover, other giant arenas include The Palace, Hispania, Aegyptus, Macedonia, The Ludus, and Macedonia.

Gladihoppers MOD APK MOD Menu

Credits: Dreamon Studios (Owner & Publisher).

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