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Granny: Chapter Two MOD APK 1.1.9 (MOD Menu, God Mode)

Granny: Chapter Two MOD APK (MOD Menu, God Mode) is a horror game where you are trapped in a haunted house with a ghost and have to escape it.

Download (88M)
App Name Granny: Chapter Two
Size 88M
Latest Version 1.1.9
MOD Info MOD Menu, God Mode
Google Play ID com.dvloper.grannychaptertwo

  • MOD Menu
  • God Mode
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Unlimited Health

  • removed Christmas theme

About Granny: Chapter Two

Granny: Chapter Two is a popular horror game with more than a hundred million downloads. It is the second edition of the granny horror game series with many new features and horrific elements.

Instead of just one ghost named Granny, you also have a grandpa that keeps you locked in the house, and you have to try your best to escape it. You have to make your escape plan without making noise as granny hears everything and responds to it.

But grandpa doesn’t, but still, if he catches you, he hits very hard. If you drop anything on the floor, she hears and comes running after you, so you have to leave that location at the earliest.

You can hide under the beds, wardrobes, and many other places, and you have only five days to escape the house. We have provided the mod menu and many other features, so you have an advantage in running.

Granny Chapter Two MOD APK

Amazing Graphics

Granny: Chapter Two MOD APK provides you with amazing 3D graphics which you can get very straight angles. In settings, you can customize the intensity of many graphical elements like shadows, textures, and more.

You also have god mode, so playing in the first-person perspective becomes even better. Your character will wake up in an abandoned house in the middle of the forest, and you must plan to escape it.

Granny Chapter Two MOD APK Hack

Escape the House

Escaping the haunted house where you are held captive by the granny and grandpa is the sole objective in Granny: Chapter Two MOD APK. When the lights go off at night, it’s the best time for you to collect essential items and escape the house.

You can also use unlimited ammo to shoot granny and grandpa as many times as possible to defeat them. The house looks scary with all the old furniture, making a creaking sound.

Granny Chapter Two MOD APK Menu

Collect Items

Each day will bring new challenges and items for you to use. You can explore different corners of the house in Granny: Chapter Two to finally get unique items like hammers, gasoline, a car, keys, guns, and more to defend yourself.

You have to trap grandpa and granny so that it will be tough. So you can use all these items to make the work easier for yourself.

Granny Chapter Two MOD APK Unlimited Ammo

New Characters

In all the earlier granny games, you had she and she alone, but in Granny: Chapter Two, you also have her husband taking part in all these things. He doesn’t have sharp ears as per but can hit very hard.

We have provided you with unlimited health so you can survive all your attacks and help yourself. Both will bring misery for all the days you stay there, so you must escape the house.

Granny Chapter Two MOD APK Download For Android
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