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Grow Castle MOD APK v1.39.6 (Unlimited Money, Max all)

Grow Castle MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a tower defense game where you have to protect your castle from invaders.

Download (50M)
App Name Grow Castle
Size 50M
Latest Version 1.39.6
MOD Info Unlimited Money and Gems
Google Play ID com.raongames.growcastle

  • upgrade levels
  • God mode
  • Unlimited diamonds
  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited skill points
  • unlimited money and gems
  • max level
  • free shopping
  • unlimited all
  • god mode
  • max level
  • unlimited everything

  • bug fixes

About Grow Castle

Grow Castle is an arcade game with more than ten million downloads. You have to build defenses around your Castle to protect it from enemy attacks. The primary defense troops are the archers, as they can shoot arrows from a long distance and take out the foes even before they are near the towers. Each castle tower should be well guarded by placing a hero on each floor.

So you have to upgrade the levels of your archers to make them more powerful. You will get unlimited money and gems to upgrade them and ensure your archers are at max level. More than one hundred and twenty heroes are ready and waiting for your orders to attack enemy bases or defend yours. Each of them has a unique skill set which is very useful during attack times.

Grow Castle MOD APK

Your heroes are the backbone of the Castle as they provide cover for archers, and you have to take good care of them. You have to keep expanding your territories and capturing more, hiring new workers to earn more gold. You can use all of them anytime you want as we have provided unlimited features. One hero can only be used nine times, so that you will need an effective strategy.

Try to go as high as possible in the leaderboards within a limited time or season. Each season will destroy your rankings, so you will need to use unlimited skills points to get to your place and even higher quickly. You can join an online clan in it to communicate with other players worldwide. Build your armies and win battles to get your name out there.

We have provided unlimited everything and much more in it for free. So download Grow Castle MOD APK Latest version now.

Grow Castle MOD APK Hack

Defend Your Base

Grow Castle MOD APK provides you with an actual castle, and your base around it is responsible for its protection. You have to install all defenses to protect it from opponents’ attacks. You can use all the features we have provided in the MOD Menu for it. You can watch the Castle and its towers by placing a powerful hero on each floor for security.

Archer tower is your most essential defense building, so keep upgrading it to increase its power.

Grow Castle MOD APK Max Level

Attack Your Foes

You will need to build a giant army of heroes to take down and capture other people’s castles in the Grow Castle. There are more than one hundred and twenty heroes available at your demand. Your archers are the essential heroes as they can destroy your foes from a considerable distance. You can also use the god mode if you want better leads on the enemy.

You have to prepare your strategy as one hero can only be used nine times max.

Grow Castle MOD APK Free Shopping

Real-time rankings

We have provided unlimited diamonds so you will never run out of resources to train your army and prepare them for battles. You have to attack other castles and win as many battles as possible to get your name on the leaderboards. Keep checking your rankings frequently and work to improve them and win rewards and resources.

There’s also free shopping if you need anything to train your troops in Grow Castle MOD APK.

Grow Castle MOD APK Full Version

Build and Expand Your Castle

Building your Castle is the essential thing and the starting phase of the game. Once your Castle is prepared and all the items are set up, you can now design your troops for attack because there will be defenses in your Castle. Grow Castle also has an online guild system where you can chat and communicate with other players in the game.

The gameplay is quite addictive and unique, so you must try it.

Grow Castle MOD APK God Mode

Credits: RAON GAMES (Owner & Publisher).

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4.8/5 (81 votes)

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