Happy Clinic MOD APK v3.0.2 (Unlimited Money and Gems)

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NameHappy Clinic
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Updated August 27, 2022


Happy Clinic MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a simulation game where you are a hospital nurse and have to treat as many patients as possible.

Happy Clinic MOD APK

About Happy Clinic

Happy Clinic is a popular simulation game with more than a million downloads. You are a nurse who travels and works in several hospitals, so you have to deal with many challenges as hundreds of patients flood the hospital beds.

Each hospital has unique equipment you can learn to use and treat patients. You are responsible for giving patients the best possible care and ensuring they get well soon.

You are a nurse, so you must help other doctors work efficiently to cure many illnesses and diseases in patients so they can continue to live happy and healthy life.

You can also prepare various medicines and tools for treatment so your patients can feel good and happy. You can also participate in multiple other hospital activities, which will help you get further into the game and your dream hospital.

Happy Clinic MOD APK Unlimited Money

You can also help build your research headquarters where professors and doctors can conduct their research to cure several diseases. You can discover even more new medical devices that can expand your gameplay.

It can also help your hospital to rise to even greater heights and help as many people as possible to get a lot of rewards. We have also provided unlimited money and gems in it so you can get everything you want. So download its latest version now.

Amazing Nurse Story

After playing Happy Clinic MOD APK, you will be no short of entertainment ever as it provides you with hours of it. The gameplay also revolves around time management, as with being a nurse, the hospital is flooded 24/7 with patients.

Your character, a nurse, has her own back story, which also reveals her struggles and sacrifices. The memories and everything gets thrown at your face sometimes, which also includes dark moments like the last words of a patient and much more.

Happy Clinic MOD APK Unlimited Gems

Complete Levels and Explore Locations

You have to play in many levels and complete many missions and quests, like saving people, as you play the game to win rewards and prizes. You also have to play and explore various locations with different challenges, including hospitals with a very high number of patients.

These things will provide you with more in-game experience and boost your skill. There are many more activities you can do in the hospital to make the health of your patients even better.

Happy Clinic MOD APK Latest Version

Build Your Research Center

You have to build your research center in Happy Clinic MOD APK to work with other doctors and professors to find or make the cure for many diseases. You can also improve it by adding more equipment and other things to help you research.

Once you have gathered enough data and equipment to make medicines, you can start testing and curing patients of their illnesses. You can also outsmart other hospitals as you are the only one who will have the cure at the earliest.

Happy Clinic MOD APK Download For Android

Treat Patients Globally

Patients from all over the world will come to your hospital to get treatment, and you have to help them get healthier and better as soon as possible. It also provides you with an endless mode so you can have unlimited fun.

Your research center can also host many fun events to keep you engaged in the work.

Download Happy Clinic MOD APK – Unlimited Money and Gems

Credits: Nordcurrent (Owner & Publisher).

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