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Havenless MOD APK v1.9.0 (Free Premium Choices)

Havenless MOD APK is an adventure game where you must survive and solve the mysteries of a dangerous zombie world.

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App Name Havenless
Size 86M
Latest Version 1.9.0
MOD Info Free Premium Choices
Google Play ID com.lucydream.havenless.simulation.otome.storygame

About Havenless – Otome Story Game

Havenless is a popular adventure game with more than a hundred thousand downloads. The gameplay starts in a zombie world full of mysteries and adventures. The entire game depends upon the choices you make. It provides dating simulator gameplay, and you must collect everything needed to survive to win.

The game has various stories, each with multiple episodes, and your love life depends upon those choices. Each level has many characters you can interact with and make your own. You can choose to play any character you want in the story and control their fate of them.

Havenless MOD APK

Moreover, the most beautiful female character in the game is Samantha, with whom you must show affection and care, along with many other charming characters. There are more than four unique characters, and each has its specialty.

We have also provided free premium choices to enjoy the game thoroughly. So download its latest version now.

Survive in a Harsh World

Havenless provides you with a world that has fallen into the hands of evil, and the epidemic is spreading as soon as possible. The zombie virus has destroyed people’s lives, and they are turning into zombies. But a priest named John transformed you into a female character, and your work is to escape as far as possible.

Havenless MOD APK Free Premium Choices

But your character has also been infected, so the time is running out, and the symptoms like low vision and so on are starting to appear. The only way the infected people identify objects and things around them is by sound, so you must be very careful, as the moment zombies recognize you, you will be chased to death.

Discover Charming Characters

Havenless provides a thrilling experience in a chaotic world, but you also have many charming characters to keep you thrilled. You are the main character and have to follow the map to complete various missions, and on your way, you will meet other characters who are just as talented and attractive as you are.

You have to take John to where the main character is hiding, and many other characters will appear in front of you, including Lily, Shane, Lance, and many more. You have to join hands with these characters and work together to solve various problems by making choices and winning rewards.

Havenless MOD APK Diamantes Infinitos

Amazing Storylines

Havenless provides a storyline where the Spring season is just a few months away, a mysterious infection has started spreading worldwide, and people are turning to zombies. However, your character is infected but still manages to stick to its humanity using the mysterious powers of a priest named John.

He takes you to a secret place where you reunite with other characters, including Samantha, Noah, Lance, and Shane. Now you all have to work together to deal with the epidemic and survive until the end.

Make Great Choices

Havenless provides you with great stories, each of which has many episodes, and you have the role of the main character. So you decide what your character does and how it interacts with other characters. You must also focus on your love life as you are an attractive female character.

You will be provided with many choices, and you have to evaluate the risks and benefits of each before choosing. Each option will determine what choices you will be offered further in the game.

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