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Hero Cantare MOD APK v1.2.389 (Menu/Damage, God Mode, Auto Win)

Hero Cantare MOD APK is an RPG game where you have to choose your hero and fight with epic bosses for money to get rewards.

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App Name Hero Cantare
Size 98M
Latest Version 1.2.389
MOD Info Menu/Damage, God Mode, Auto Win
Google Play ID com.ngelgames.herocantare

About Hero Cantare with WEBTOON

Hero Cantare is a popular RPG game with more than a million downloads. It has all the characters and themes in the original comic of the series and includes the tower of god, the god of high school, hardcore leveling warrior, and much more. You must participate in story battles with a fixed plot and follow the flow.

All the webcomic heroes are present in the game and have the same story as in the series. You must choose your hero and upgrade its abilities to perform better in battles. You have to practice on many challenging trial towers with your team, and on being successful, you get massive loot and rewards. There are also epic bosses with whom you must fight and win ultimate prizes.

Hero Cantare MOD APK

You must join the battle arena and compete in 1v1 and 3v3 PvP battles to prove your worth and win rewards. The more matches you win, the more experience you have, and the more your hero upgrades. All the characters are anime based and look attractive with their stunning skill animation. The game also has many enhanced soundtracks to level up your experience.

It also has a fantastic community of players with whom you can chat and form alliances to play in multiplayer battles. We have also provided you with all the unlocked features and much more for free. So download its latest version now.

Choose an Upgrade Your Heroes

You can choose among various heroes to participate in battles. There are many heroes in Hero Cantare, and a new one named the Evil Dragon is dragon-based and has similar attack skills. Using the dragon hero’s three-chain attack, you will witness a special attack where a dragon appears and destroys the enemy.

Hero Cantare MOD Menu

Moreover, many characters are based on different creatures, and you can summon them on the battleground using an Open Portal. One of the greatest enemies in the game is the Master Evil, who is big and strong enough to cause enough damage to your heroes and take them down instantly.

Battle and Battle!

Hero Cantare provides a battle mode where you must fight in the battle arena in 1v1 and 3v3 matches. You have to choose your character and decide its order of attacks, as you will see plenty of your characters in the slots in the below bar. Then you must tap on them so they enter the battlefield and use their abilities on opponents.

Your placement of characters depends upon the mana and other resources you have in the game, so you must ensure you have enough of them to have all your characters in one place. Moreover, your resources also determine how many attacks your characters can use.

Hero Cantare MOD APK Auto Win

Powerful Characters

You are provided with many powerful characters in Hero Cantare and have to create an army using them to participate in battles. However, to summon the surface, there’s an open portal where you spin the wheel, and your luck decides which character you get. Moreover, the game provides powerful characters like the Tower of God, the God of High School, and many more.

Each character provides many awakening bonuses that help you improve its stats. You can also upgrade your characters to make them power reach the highest point possible. Moreover, there are many PvP challenges where you have to face a lot of high-quality players.

Hero Cantare MOD APK Download

Fight with Powerful Bosses

Apart from the regular PvP battles in the arena, you also have to participate in epic boss fights where each level has a boss who is more robust than any opponent you have ever faced. You need your heroes to achieve the max level, stats, and skills to beat powerful bosses.

Even the blink of an eye can cause you to lose, so you and your hero’s battle skills matter a lot.

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