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Home Street MOD APK 0.51.1 (Unlimited Money, Coins)

Home Street MOD APK is a simulation game where you have to build and decorate your house and customize your character to look attractive.

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App Name Home Street
Size 355M
Latest Version 0.51.1
MOD Info (Unlimited Money, Coins
Google Play ID com.supersolid.spark

About Home Street – Home Design Game

Home Street is a popular simulation game with more than ten million downloads. The gameplay starts where you have to design, build and decorate your house as you want and make your dream come true. Your character lives in a town where there are many other people with whom you have to form friendly relations.

You can have your perfect house in the ideal town and chill out with your neighbors to create your story. You can start a new life and make new friends in the game. You also have to make several choices, each of which will determine your home’s outcome and decorations.

Home Street MOD APK

The game provides many decorating items to put in your house and make it look more attractive. You can also start renovating your home by customizing different things at different places. Moreover, you can also customize your character with different outfits, hairstyles, glasses, hats, and many more items.

Your neighborhood also has many events where you can participate and make new friends. We have also provided unlimited money, coins, and gems to make the gameplay easier. So the download is the latest version now.

Create Your Dream House

Home Street allows you to create your own dream house and even remodel and renovate it as you like. You can decorate your house with various items like a relaxing hot tub, big-screen TV, etc. There are many home layouts and designs from which you can select the one which reflects your style and way of living.

You can place all those items wherever you want by your house design pattern. Moreover, you can customize every segment of your house, from the bedroom to the garden, and make them look fantastic.

Home Street MOD APK 2023

Customize Your Character

You can also design your character in Home Street and customize its looks as you have tens of glasses, hairstyles, outfits, hats, belts, and many more wearable with which you can create thousands of excellent and unique looks. Moreover, you also have different face shapes, makeup, body shapes, eye colors, and more.

The challenging part is you have to choose from many designer clothes and pick the one that matches your personality and style. You can create various outfits with all your fashion items and make different choices that impact your looks.

Home Street MOD APK Unlimited Money And Gems

Build Friendships

The city where you build your home in Home Street is filled with people from different parts of the world, and you can engage in friendly conversations with them and even become friends. There are many communities where you can choose to build your home, but you should be near those who match your vibe.

Meet with your neighbors and invite them and other friends to your show to showcase your decorations and other things. You can also organize parties in your house and ask them to chill and hang out with you.

Home Street MOD APK Hack

Interact with Your Neighbors

You can also create an entirely new town from scratch along with your house to have many neighbors with whom you can interact and chat in real-time to make new friends. It would help if you chose a neighborhood with different events to explore your neighbor’s homes and get introduced to many unique and exciting designs.

You can take ideas by visiting their homes and even your friend’s homes and implement them in your own. So far, no house simulation game has ever come close to providing the level of gaming experience which Home Street does.

Home Street MOD APK Unlimtied Everything

Write Your Own Story

You can choose and even write your own story in the Home Street game, as you can choose to be a hero by supporting your local community, being a guest on TV shows, starting your own business, or even enjoying city life. Your character in the game can also follow various professions like artists, musicians, fashion designers, bakers, business people, etc.

Download Home Street MOD APK

Apart from designing your dream house, you can also follow your passion, turn it into income generating, and enjoy living your dream life in the game.

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