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Idle Museum Tycoon MOD APK 1.11.13 (Unlimited Money and Gems)

Idle Museum Tycoon MOD APK is a casual where you have to reconstruct an entire museum from scratch.

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App Name Idle Museum Tycoon
Size 108M
Latest Version 1.11.13
MOD Info Unlimited Money and Gems
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  • Free shopping
  • Unlimited Money (money increase when spent)

  • Improvements and Bug Fixes

About Idle Museum Tycoon: Art Empire

Idle Museum Tycoon Mod APK is a casual game where you have to reconstruct and design a museum. It has gained more than a million players globally. Your job is to repair the art, history, and culture in the place. You will have to take good care of the visitors who come to explore the art and structure of the ancient worlds in the museum.

You are the head and in charge of everything like building, repairing, contemporary art, pop art, modern art, etc. You have to manage your business well and invest in it to make your art empire. Firstly, you have to start with a small gallery and attract visitors by selling tickets. Grow your business, re-invest the profits to get better returns, and acquire more art collections, themed galleries, etc.

Idle Museum Tycoon MOD APK

You have to showcase your paintings and sculptures made by the greatest artists and painters. Show works of legendary people like Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, and more. You can add works of art, history, and science. We have provided a free shopping feature to get everything in it for free and add to your museum.

There are ancient artifacts from all over the world. You can also have dinosaurs fossils like triceratops fossil, tyrannosaurus rex, etc. You can also reflect on the history and culture of ancient civilizations like Egypt, Greece, China, Mayans, and more. You can also have a space gallery to make people interested in space with rockets, satellites, space ships, space suits, and more.

Idle Museum Tycoon MOD APK Free Shopping

The visitors can also learn about planets, solar systems, galaxies, etc. They can also learn about the oceans, seas, sharks, dolphins, and other sea creatures. You are the supervisor and bear the utmost responsibility of taking care of the needs of the consumers. We have provided unlimited money and gems, which means money increases when spent. So download Idle Museum Tycoon MOD APK Latest version.

Idle Museum Tycoon MOD APK Latest Version

Build Galleries

Their many types of galleries you can build in Museum Tycoon. The art gallery comprises ancient sculptures and paintings made by famous artists like Leonardo da Vinci. The history gallery contains information about the civilizations like China, Greece, Egypt, Mayans, and more. The science gallery has fossils of extinct animals like dinosaurs, including Triceratops and rex.

The space gallery tells us about human achievements in space with satellites, space ships, probes, telescopes—rockets, and more.

Idle Museum Tycoon MOD APK Unlimited Money

Manage a Museum

You have to work hard to repair and reconstruct the museum to have visitors. Collecting ancient artifacts about art, culture, and history is your job. It would help if you had the museum have relics of all kinds and shapes to attract many visitors. Administer and manage your business to create your art empire. Start with one gallery, sell tickets and use the money to expand your business.

Keep on repeating this as long as you want. You are in charge of everything in the Museum Tycoon.

Idle Museum Tycoon MOD APK Unlim ited Money And Gems

Attract Visitors

The museum can help attract visitors from various backgrounds, fields, and more with a common interest in history. You can give them details about the ancient and the latest discoveries in the world. Many cultural quizzes will help you get more rewards and prizes. You will also get tips from business tycoons to improve your services.

Download Idle Museum Tycoon MOD APK

Collect Artifacts

Keep collecting new artifacts as soon as possible to attract as many visitors as possible. Collect more and more stuff from the galleries and give them the power to build new public attraction sites. Hire tour guides who have a decent knowledge of these things to assist the customers about the museum. All the artifacts displayed are in 3D graphics.

Credits:Pixodust Games (Owner & Publisher).

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