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Immortal Heart MOD APK v3.1.11 (Free Premium Choices, Tickets)

Immortal Heart MOD APK is a simulation game with anime characters and a fantastic storyline, and you have to make various choices to determine your and others' fate.

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App Name Immortal Heart
Size 39M
Latest Version 3.1.11
MOD Info Free Premium Choices
Google Play ID com.genius.immortality

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  • Unlimited Tickets
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About Immortal Heart: Sexy Anime Ot

Immortal Heart offers popular simulation gameplay with over a million downloads. The gameplay starts when you hear of a young woman’s abduction, and two years ago, your brother had the same fate, so you search for clues. You have to make your own romance choices to determine the outcome of your love story.

The story takes a twist when you enter the doorstep of a man named Vis, who has the information about your missing brothers and offers you to get on a train. Then you meet Luchino and Alto, who is investigating a secret organization, and at night you are held at gunpoint and asked for wine by two hooded men.

You are in shock as you have no idea what’s going on here and have to look out for your brother. We have also provided you with free premium choices, unlimited tickets, and much more for free. So download its latest version now.

Immortal Heart MOD APK

Amazing Characters

Immortal Heart provides you with three main characters which are:

Luchino: A young man who works with Alto and is very knowledgeable and kind but also has his fair share of secrets and aims to know the “win recipe” and destroy it.

Alto: A confident and energetic man who is always there to cheer you up and look out for you but also has a sensitive side, so he talks to his younger sister.

Vis: He is the person who is entirely responsible for evolving you in the wine accident and is quite famous in the underground world as a reliable information source. Despite what he does, he does not interfere with other people’s privacy, and his interactions are mysterious.

Immortal Heart MOD APK Tickets

Awesome Storylines

The game also provides a fantastic opening story where the village has heard of a young woman being kidnapped, and you remember that the same happened to your brother. So you move forward to investigate and sense a connection.

The investigation leads to you, a man who knows about your brothers and tells you to board a train, and you meet two men there who are asking for ‘wine’ and holding you at gunpoint. So you must uncover all the mysteries and discover what happened to your brother.

Immortal Heart MOD APK Latest Version

Great Choices

Immortal Heart provides story-based gameplay where you have to play the main character and make several choices that determine the game’s outcome. You will have to interact with many different characters and form relationships with them to help find your brother.

Moreover, you also have to engage in intimacy with those characters as they will be tough to handle, and it’s also a romantic story game.

Immortal Heart MOD APK For Android

Easy to Play

The gameplay is straightforward to play as you have to keep making choices, and each option will determine the course of the game. Moreover, all the characters and the gameplay structure are adequately designed and look very good.

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