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JustFall.LOL MOD APK v1.150.1 (Super Jump, Fly/Hack)

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App Name JustFall.LOL
Size 39M
Latest Version 1.150.1
MOD Info Super Jump, Fly/Hack
Google Play ID lol.justfall

  • Menu/Super Jump, Fly

  • Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements

About JustFall.LOL – Multiplayer Online Game of Penguins

JustFall.LOL is a popular action and multiplayer battle royale game in which you have to compete with other players online. It has gained millions of fans from all over the world. It offers you a 1v1 PvP fighting gameplay experience. You can invite your friends and family members to compete against you in a round of multiplayer challenges. You must be the last penguin standing without falling from the hexagon to win.

It provides you with 3D graphics in hexagonal gameplay where you have to survive till the end. Only the fastest, most skillful, and best jumper penguin will continue to remain on it when it starts to fall. But in case you feel from it, you have to watch each step and be careful; otherwise, you will be eliminated from the match and will be forced to start from the beginning.


The controls are very flexible, and you can customize or personalize them according to quickly jump, slide and move across the hexagon to survive till the end. You can choose to play 1v1 or matches against eight other players. You have to move around the hexagon as fast as possible Soon, and the floor tiles will start to sink as you jump without stopping.

It has three gameplay levels, and each higher level offers you much more rewards and resources for completing its achievements. You are free to customize your penguin avatar in twelve different colors and stand out against other players. Play in the Party Mode to invite your friends with a unique private link. Our mod version provides a free menu/super jump, fly, and more. So download it now.

Online Multiplayer

JustFall.LOL is an online multiplayer game where you can compete against or with multiple players from all over the world in the battle arena. All you have to do is jump, slide, and use your skills to stand till last on the hexagon and wait till all other players fall. Moreover, you can also invite your friends via various social networks to join you.

You can choose to play 1v1 matches or a match in which a total of eight players participates and compete against each other. Complete all the missions and quests to win even more rewards and resources.

JustFall.LOL Hacks Unblocked

Play with Friends

You can invite your friends via a private link which only they can access to avoid intruders and other unwanted people. Moreover, you can play together with them and share strategies and resources to help and support each other. This was you grow together. You can communicate with them using a text chat option that allows emojis, stickers, and more.

If you find it challenging to use the invite link option, you can prefer to invite them through social media platforms.

JustFall.LOL MOD APK Unlimited Money

Multiple Gameplay Modes

There are a lot of different gameplay modes and types, but the core of all these remains the same objective to survive till last on the hexagon. There are three levels in it, and the starting one is the first one; when you complete all the missions and challenges in the first one, you will get to another one. Higher levels offer more rewards and resources than the lower ones.

You can choose the number of players you wish to compete against; they can be in 1v1 PvP battles or up to eight players.

JustFall.LOL Game

Customize Your Look

You can choose from twelve unique colors to customize the skins of your penguins. You are also free to use multiple color combinations as you like. There is plenty of fabulous outfits, hairstyles, clothing, and other things you can use to your advantage. This way, you can reflect on your avatar as a professional and decrease the confidence of other players.

JustFall.LOL MOD Menu

Controller Support

It supports all the popular gameplay controllers, so you won’t have any problems configuring them to your device using Bluetooth. You can customize all the control settings to get the best performance when you have connected them.

JustFall.LOL Download APK

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Credits: JustPlay.LOL (Owner & Publisher).

4.9/5 (109 votes)

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