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Kingo SuperUser APK v2.2.7 for Android

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App Name Kingo Superuser
Size 4M
Latest Version 2.2.7
MOD Info 1click root

About Kingo SuperUser APK

Kingo SuperUser is a tool for people who own their phone and want to be the owner. You can allow or deny root access. If you don’t want to be asked every time, you can set it up so that it asks every time.

Android is an amazing mobile operating system that gives users a lot of flexibility and control over their devices. With so many different options for customization, it can be hard to know where to start. One great way to get started with customizing your Android device is to use Kingo SuperUser Binary APK.

This app allows you to manage your Android device’s root permissions and give you more control over your system. When you have successfully rooted your android device, you will need it to manage it.

Kingo SuperUser APK

Rooted android devices have many more advanced features that need to be managed properly, so make sure to download it for your android device. It will make your rooted android easy to operate and rock out. You have full control of your phone and much more to discover. An important reason for its popularity is the number of features like one-click user application removal, bloatware removal, and much more.

Remove Pre-installed Apps

Kingo SuperUser can help you to quickly and easily uninstall any pre-installed bloatware from your phone, or factory installed apps that may be slowing its performance.

It also allows for one click uninstalling of user created content such as games in order to free up Storage space on an Android device running out of storage capacity.

There are many useless apps and games on an android device that are pre-installed and cannot be removed. So when your android is rooted, you can easily uninstall all those useless apps and make your device more fast and easy to use.

Kingo SuperUser Full APK

Multiple Settings

The app has plenty of features to offer you, including Remove root permission, prompt time-span, Language switch, Toast Notification, Superuser access notification. It will help you properly manage your rooted android device and keep everything in control with it. Moreover, you can truly rely on these apps for setting up and managing your rooted android phone.

With the Kingo SuperUser, you can remove root and other functions to make it easier for yourself. Feel free to set them however suits your preference.

Heavy Customisation

When you have completed the app setup, you are ready to rock out your android device. Moreover, you will have a lot more to do. You will have to explore all the massive features, possibilities, and much more in your device. Furthermore, you will get all the stats and details of your device on the app.

Kingo SuperUser APK Download

Features of Kingo SuperUser APK

  • Manage superuser access for every app that needs root permission
  • Allow, deny any permission request, or set it to Ask
  • Superuser access notification and configuration per app
  • Uninstall bloatware (pre-installed) and system applications
  • Uninstall user applications at one click
  • Remove Root function embedded
  • Must-have app recommendations for rooted device
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