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KonoSuba: Fantastic Days MOD APK v4.9.2 (Damage/Defense Multiplier, Infinite SP, Skill)

KonoSuba: Fantastic Days MOD APK is an anime-based RPG game where your character is a traveler, and you have to go to another world that is in control of the Devil king's army and save it.

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App Name KonoSuba: Fantastic Days
Size 148M
Latest Version 4.9.2
MOD Info Damage/Defense Multiplier, Infinite SP, Skill
Google Play ID com.nexon.konosuba

About KonoSuba: Fantastic Days

KonoSuba: Fantastic Days is a popular anime RPG game with millions of daily players globally. Its gameplay takes you to another world as a traveler, and the King’s devil army rules the new world. You have been responsible for bringing peace and saving it from falling under the control of the dark forces.

But there’s nothing to fear as you won’t be alone in your journey, nor will you go empty-handed. You can arm yourself with many powerful weapons to damage your foes. You will also be joined by many KonoSuba characters you might already know, and they will act as a defense multiple for you as you battle the devil king’s armies.

The new world is filled with many challenges and opportunities which you can utilize to enhance your skills. You have to adventure deep into the world and put up a great fight with evil forces to rescue the world from them. You also have Infinite SP, so no enemy can ever kill you, even if the giant toads come before you.

KonoSuba Fantastic Days MOD APK

We have also provided you with all the MOD Menu features, so there’s no way you will ever lose the game. So download its latest version now.

Go to Another World

KonoSuba takes you to a new world you have never visited before, and there you meet the recently awakened Kazuma as he is on a journey to live a better and carefree life. But even after meeting you, he is still unaware that he will soon have to fight with the devil king alongside you to save this world from his terror.

If you have watched the KonoSuba anime series, you already know about the abilities of different characters, which you can use to your advantage in battle with enemies. You can use much more powerful slapstick to give them a tough fight, and also, all the animations of fights are exceptionally rendered and look very realistic.

KonoSuba Fantastic Days Global MOD APK

New Journey

The game provides you with many more unique and exclusive storylines not present in the KonoSuba to maintain the standards. Moreover, you also get to meet and play with many characters in your journey who are not present in the series. You can also use their strengths for the best purposes and win the game.

You can learn more about them by listening to their stories and tales and understanding their purpose. As the story progresses, you must bond with them to survive obstacles. Moreover, there are many team missions where you can participate with them and win rewards.

KonoSuba Fantastic Days Global MOD Menu APK

Amazing Characters

You can find all your favorite KonoSuba characters initially present in the series. However, the list is not limited to them and goes on and on.

  • Kazuma: He is a fearless and powerful adventurer who creates his path and destroys everything that comes his way.
  •  Aqua: A goddess who is beautiful but useless when fighting the devil king and his army. She is only there to motivate your comrades.
  •  Megumin: He is an explosion fan of Axel and is very useful in battles.
  •  Darkness: He is a noble crusader for whom nothing stands above justice.
KonoSuba Fantastic Days APK

Real-Time Anime Gameplay

KonoSuba provides anime gameplay where you must build your team of warriors based on their powers to face the endless army of the Devil King and monsters in real-time combat-based battles. You can also arm them with powerful weapons and upgrade their abilities to improve damage and other statistics.

The battle consists of many explosive and cinematic animations as you tap on the screen to strategically deploy various warriors in the battle arena and win it. The more matches you win, the more trophies you have, and the higher you rank in the leaderboards.

KonoSuba Fantastic Days APK Download

Very Much Relevance with KonoSuba

You will find all the characters of the KonoSuba anime series in the game and many more of them. Moreover, the Japanese Voice Actors who have their voices for the role of different characters, including Sora Amamiya, Ai Kayano, Jun Fukushima, Rie Takahashi, and more, did the same.

The gameplay resembles a lot of KonoSuba fans and gives them a nostalgic feeling.

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