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Flashback: Tricky Fun Riddles MOD APK v1.5.4 (Free Rewards)

Flashback: Tricky Fun Riddles MOD APK is a puzzle game where you must solve various puzzles to enhance your critical thinking and reasoning skills.

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App Name Flashback: Tricky Fun Riddles
Size 386M
Latest Version 1.5.4
MOD Info Free Rewards
Google Play ID com.matchingham.flashback.tricky.riddles

About Flashback: Tricky Fun Riddles

Flashback: Tricky Fun Riddles is a popular puzzle game with over five million global downloads. It offers many more features than an ordinary puzzle or riddle game. The gameplay provides many unique puzzles that will train your mind and enhance your brain by developing your thinking skills.

It offers many complicated riddles, unique puzzles, and complex iq tests to improve mental capability. You must also go back in time to find clues and even complete various levels to win rewards. You can control the time and watch high-quality creative animations.

The riddle game provides various scenarios, including solving mysteries, tricking your brain, finding out the truth, and much more. It improves your mental ability by forcing you to find conclusions using your critical thinking skills. It will help if you become a fantastic detective whose decisions are based on facts and clues.

We have also provided you with all the free unlocked features, including no ads, free rewards, and much more. So download its latest version now.

Flashback: Tricky Fun Riddles MOD APK

Find Clues

In Flashback: Tricky Fun Riddles, you have to work as a detective who has to rely on clues and not on feelings as you progress through various levels. All the conclusions you draw must be based on the clues you find. However, the game makes it quite challenging to find clues.

You have the role of a detective on a trail and must find clues to move on to the following levels; the faster you do it, the more levels you can complete. Moreover, as the levels progress, you can also win more rewards.

Flashback: Tricky Fun Riddles MOD APK No Ads

Plenty of Characters

You must interact with many other characters in the game as you seek to solve riddles and puzzles by finding clues. They can be an excellent help for you as they can help you identify the hidden clues and complete the levels as soon as possible.

Moreover, these interactions will change the way you think and help you improve your thinking.

Solve Riddles, Puzzles, and IQ Tests

Solving various puzzles and riddles and completing IQ tests are essential to Flashback: Tricky Fun Riddles, as it provides you with thousands of them. Moreover, as you solve a riddle and get stuck in any of them, you can go back in time and relate things with the help of your flashbacks.

You have access to more than thousands of these riddles, iq tests, and puzzles, and the game also provides you with high-quality drawings and animations. Moreover, it also keeps on adding many more of them frequently.

Flashback Tricky Fun Riddles MOD APK For Android

Develop Thinking Skills

Solving all those thousands of puzzles, riddles, and IQ tests help you train your brain and improve your thinking, logical, and reasoning skills as they force you to use your brain to conclude the given thing. It also trains your mind to focus on clues and facts rather than feelings and emotions.

You also have many mental challenges, brain teasers, and more which will make you think critically.

Flashback Tricky Fun Riddles MOD APK Download
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