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Modern Age 2 MOD APK v1.0.64 (Unlimited Money And Gems

Download Modern Age 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Gems) for Android to get free shopping, premium unlocked features and more for free to become an honorable president in it.

Download (166M)
App Name Modern Age 2
Size 166M
Latest Version 1.0.64
MOD Info Unlimited Money/Gems
Google Play ID com.oxiwyle.modernage2

  • Unlimited Money and Gems
  • Free Shopping
  • Premium Unlocked

In Order to use the MOD version use Lucky Patcher

  • Fixed Bugs
  • Increased Performance
  • Note: The mod needs to use Lucky Patcher to patch

About Modern Age 2

Modern Age 2 MOD APK is a strategy and simulation game where you are a world leader and president of one of the major countries in the world like the US, UK, or Russia. You have the geopolitical, economic, and military power to rule your nation and protect it from invaders and bad people. Destroy Syrian and Afghan people who are harming your country by having strong forces crush them.

You have to manage your empire by investing in new technologies and expanding your nation. Grow your kingdom by annexing states and other territories to grab new resources and power. Make sure to put up a great fight against other countries and prove yourself as a wise and successful commander in chief. Spread your religion and ideologies on the whole world and grow your civilization.

Modern Age 2 President Simulator MOD APK

Build all the necessary infrastructure to support your government like fleet, army barracks, weapons, shipyards. Train spies and send them to complete missions in different countries and de-stabilize them. Use nuclear forces to make threats to your foes and negotiate, compromise for the freedom of your people but never surrender for it. Improve the quality of life of your citizens in every way.

Make sure to build essential government departments like the ministry of health, education, infrastructure, culture, sports, and to govern your nation. Use the Ministry of Tourism to make your country a tourist destination and grow your economy. Use diplomatic relations to avoid wars and sign peace treaties trade and defense agreements with other countries.

Modern Age 2 President Simulator MOD APK Money

You can also take part in the UN and the security council to make this world a better place. Impose restrictions and sanctions on opposing nations to limit their power. Make reasonable laws to protect your state’s people, religion, and ideology. Manufacture good products and also trade with other countries for the best ones.

Manage the taxes and baking system of the country to improve economic growth by giving tax breaks and cheap loans. Deal with all the state’s internal affairs like natural disasters, epidemics, pandemics, economic slowdown, and so on. Our mod version provides you with unlimited money and gems, free shopping, premium unlocked, and much more for free. So download its latest version now.

Modern Age 2 President Simulator MOD APK Unlimited Gems

War System & Ministries

Conduct wars throughout the world to annex states and add them to your empire, giving you more resources and strength. Build proper infrastructure like fleets, train an army and make powerful weapons. Invest in airfields, arsenals, barracks, and shipyards, which serve as your military’s backbone. Send your spies to different countries and threaten foes with nukes. Negotiate for peace.

Improve the living conditions of your citizens. Build ministries of health, education, sports, justice, tourism, culture, and infrastructure to promote essential activities in your nation which will boost the economy.

Modern Age 2 President Simulator Premium MOD APK

Diplomacy and Laws of the State

Build better diplomatic agreements with other countries to avoid wars and have peace. Sign up for trade, research, and peace treaties to work for the common good of everybody. Join the UN and the security council to impose regulations and sanctions on developing countries that threaten the world. Issue favorable and reasonable laws to have justice and protect the religious ideology of your civilization.

Modern Age 2 MOD APK Unlimited Money and Gems

Manufacturing and Trade

Promote manufacturing and trade with other countries. Make effective use of resources to produce essential items like food, clothing, shelter, and education for your people. Then focus on the wants of people and deliver luxury goods. When you have enough for your country, you can also start exporting to other nations.

Import specific goods from foreign countries as per the demand of your citizens and have good trade agreements. You can choose to impose tariffs and other restrictions on foreign trade to prevent your domestic corporations from going bankrupt.

Modern Age 2 MOD APK Free Purchase

Taxes & Banks

The entire taxing and banking system of your country rests in your hands. You can make adjustments like lowering taxes and interest rates on loans to promote economic activities and other things. Or you can increase taxes to fund wars, infrastructure, public facilities, and so on. The entire decision lies on you.

If you go too far on both sides, then you may lose public support so start somewhere in between to avoid such conflicts with your people.

Modern Age 2 MOD APK Download

Foreign and Internal Affairs

Solve all your country’s foreign affairs by defeating all the pirates and terrorist organizations of the world who are a danger to your citizens—fund wars to crush them and save the lives of innocent people. At the same time, do not forget about the internal affairs of your nation like Disasters, epidemics, pandemics, economic slowdowns, and so on.

Balance both the affairs to get the best use of your resources in serving the needs of the people and protecting them from invaders.

Download Modern Age 2 MOD APK For Android

Credits; Oxiwyle (Owner & Publisher).

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3.2/5 (1702 votes)

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No, Lucky Patcher/ LP doesn't work for this game. Devs have pretty much out started it, so when you use lucky patcher it won't work or your game won't open.
Reply -
Dylan Lombardi
Dylan Lombardi
Que otro patcher se puede usar?
Reply -
Forced closed on non root device. I have LP but i dont understand what do you mean about "use lucky patcher" ?? I must patch again this apk with LP? I patched it, but still force closed.
Reply -
How can I use the lucky patcher to do it
Reply -
If you use lucky patcher, the game is force close
Reply -