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Monthly Idol MOD APK 8.60 (Unlimited Money, Free Shopping)

Monthly Idol MOD APK is a simulation game where you have to organize and create kpop stars and help them rise to fame and money.

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App Name Monthly Idol
Size 52M
Latest Version 8.60
MOD Info Unlimited Money, Free Shopping
Google Play ID com.factory608.MI

About Monthly Idol

Monthly Idol is a popular KPOP simulation game with more than a million downloads. The gameplay starts when you are the owner of a small entertainment firm or agency where you hire KPOP and help them grow. You can choose different bands, which may be either a girl group or a boy group, which will get a lot of followers, make unlimited money and help your agency grow.

When you first hire a Kpop idol, the minimum contract term limit is five years, and within that time frame, you have to help them make a name for themselves in the industry. If you both are still on the same side after five years, renewing your contract will be a wise decision. You also have unlimited money and gems to hire any idol you want.

Monthly Idol MOD APK

You must bring the group together to produce and create your recordings, songs, and albums. If the public likes your theme, lyrics, and beats along with the music, the album sales, YT views, music streaming, and more will rise sharply. Popularity brings fans, and they bring a lot of money as they purchase albums. You also have free shopping to get all the necessary items to dress your idols well and produce songs.

When your albums are right off the charts, now is the perfect time to schedule your world tour based on the cities where most of your fans are. You can perform your concerts in different parts of the world and bring a lot of money. We have added all the unlimited all features to help you better organize your live shows.

We have also provided you with unlimited everything, so there’s nothing you lack in the game. So download its latest version now.

Monthly Idol MOD APK Free Shopping

Hire KPOP Stars

Monthly Idol MOD APK provides you with a small entertainment agency that is just getting started and looking for Kpop to get attention. You must grow your agency to the top of the world by choosing a girl or a boy group based on availability, talents, public preferences, and more.

You can sign several kpop idols for a minimum contract of five years and help them get fame and money. If they like working with you and vice versa, you can renew your contract and extend the working period with them.

Dress them Up!

When you have successfully made up your choices from over one hundred fifty distinctive trainees to represent in your agency, each has their roles in the working, like acting, dancing, vocals, beats, lyrics, singing, and more.

Now it’s time to customize their look and make them presentable in front of the public. You have free purchase in monthly Idol to get all the decorating and appearance items. It provides you with more than four hundred and fifty different types of hair and clothes, which can be used to make thousands of combinations.

Monthly Idol MOD APK Latest Version

Help them Become Famous.

The Kpop idols are sticking with you, so they have an opportunity to showcase their work on the world stage and get global recognition. You have to produce their recordings and display them to the world. If the people like it, you will have record sales, YT views, and other metrics representing popularity.

Once the songs get attention, your Kpop band can start releasing albums that people will buy so that you can make a lot of money.

Organize a World Tour

Monthly Idol also allows you to organize a world tour with your kpop band to get more recognition. Travel to tens of countries like the US, UK, Germany, Italy, Canada, and more to perform live concerts and charge ticket fees to earn money.

Your concerts will be attended by tens of thousands of fans, which means more money in your pockets.

Monthly Idol MOD APK Unlimited Money And Gems

Credits: 608Factory (Owner & Publisher).

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