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Multi Parallel Pro MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Multi Parallel MOD APK helps you simultaneously use multiple accounts of different apps/games on the same device.

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App Name Multi Parallel
Size 7M
Latest Version
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
Google Play ID multi.parallel.dualspace.cloner

  • Premium Unlocked
  • No Ads

  • Support Android 12 !!!
  • Fix issues that cause cloned app not launch
  • upport run unlimited parallel accounts for WhatsApp, social and game.
  • Fast switch
  • Customize app icons & name

About Multi Parallel – Multiple Accounts & App Clone

Multi Parallel is a popular multiple account manager app with more than ten million downloads. You can use it to clone apps and use numerous accounts in them on the same device at the same time. It supports cloning all your favorite apps and games like Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and more.

You can easily manage your multiple social media accounts and use them simultaneously without the need to log out of one to use another. You can do the same with many games and enjoy multiple roles.

Managing multiple social media accounts was challenging as all the platforms allow only one account to be used on the same device simultaneously. But now, with Multi Parallel, you can log in to multiple accounts simultaneously and on the same phone.

Multi Parallel MOD APK

You can use it to clone both the 32-bit and 64-bit apps. There are no restrictions on the number of accounts you can create in it. You can also customize the cloned apps with different icons and names and even protect them with their privacy features.

It supports most messaging, social media, and gaming apps. We have provided all the premium unlocked features like no ads and more for free in it.

Multi Parallel Pro APK

Use Multiple Messaging, Game & Social Apps at Once With No Limits

Being able to juggle different tasks at the same time is a valuable skill in today’s fast-paced world. That’s why the Multi Parallel app is so useful, allowing you to log in to multiple messaging, game and social apps all at once. This saves you time and hassle, as you don’t need to constantly switch between different apps. Instead, you can have all your apps open in one place and easily access them with just a few taps.

In addition, Multi Parallel also supports mobile payments, so you can easily make transactions within the app. Whether you’re sending money to friends or family or paying for goods and services, Multi Parallel makes it quick and easy. So if you’re looking for a convenient way to manage your multiple apps, then download Multi Parallel MOD APK Latest version for Android.

Multi Parallel Pro MOD APK

Customize Accounts With Different Icons And Label

The Multi Parallel app is a great way to customize your accounts with different icons and labels. This is especially useful if you have multiple accounts on your phone. You can choose to Label your accounts with their name or email address. If you have different email accounts, you can use the Labels to keep track of them. You can also add an icon for each account.

This can be helpful if you want to identify which account you are using quickly. The app also lets you add a nickname for each account. This is useful if you want to remember which account is which. The Multi Parallel Pro MOD APK is a great way to keep your accounts organized and easy to use.

Manage Multiple Accounts

Multi Parallel MOD APK allows you to log in to multiple accounts in all the popular social media apps and games. It makes it convenient for you to manage your work and life accounts on the same device.

You can have double game accounts and have double fun using them. The data stored in clone and original apps are separated in different folders, so there’s no chance of data loss or overlap.

Multi Parallel Unlocked APK

Customize the Cloned App

Once you clone an app in Multi Parallel Pro MOD APK, you can customize and easily recognize which one is the original and which is the cloned. You can customize its icon colors and add labels to the cloned app.

There are also many privacy features it provides, like a locker where you can password protect your cloned apps to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. You can choose to password protect the Multi Parallel app or any of its clones.

Multi Parallel Premium APK

Switch Between Accounts

As you log in with your multiple accounts in the apps, you cloned using Multi Parallel Pro APK, and you can easily use multiple accounts simultaneously on the same device. It makes it even more accessible as you need a single tap to do all these.

You can efficiently run all your accounts in social media and games simultaneously without any data loss or other such problems. You can also create icons with clone tags to recognize the cloned version.

Multi Parallel MOD APK No Ads

Easy to Use UI

The Ui of multi Parallel pro premium mod apk is straightforward, neat, clean, and easy to use. The app is also relatively light weighted and consumes significantly less power and ram than other apps on your device.

The working is very smooth on all devices, and you can log in to your desired account with just one tap. If your device has external storage, you can use the lite mode as its best for low-end devices.

Multi Parallel MOD APK Latest Version

Credits: Winterfell Applab – Clone App & Status Downloader (Owner & Publisher).

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