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NGL MOD APK v2.3.28 (Premium Unlocked

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App Name NGL
Size 152M
Latest Version 2.3.28
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
Google Play ID com.nglreactnative


NGL MOD APK is a fun game where you ask questions without anyone knowing it’s you. Plus, you can now get the Premium unlocked download for Android and see who sent you messages.

About NGL: anonymous q&a

NGL the anonymous q&a app, is super cool. You get to ask questions without anyone knowing it’s you. Just share a link, and your friends can answer on your story. If you want more messages, put the link in your Instagram bio. 


The app is like a smart friend because it uses clever technology to stop mean words and bullying. NGL wants you to have a great time while staying safe. It is a happy place where you can chat and share without feeling scared to be yourself. 

Ask Questions Anonymously

Curious about what your friends think of you? Want to know their honest opinions without them feeling embarrassed or worried about hurting your feelings? NGL is the perfect app for you. 

With NGL MOD APK, your friends can ask you questions anonymously, so you can get their true thoughts without any judgment.

NGL MOD APK Premium Unlocked

Share Your Link

To start receiving anonymous questions, simply create an NGL account and share your unique link with your friends. You can share your link on your social media profiles, or you can send it to your friends directly.

Friends Answer on Your Story

Once your friends have your NGL link, they can start asking you questions. Your questions will appear on your NGL story, and you can choose to answer them publicly or privately.

NGL MOD APK Latest Version

Get More Messages on Instagram

Want to receive even more anonymous questions? Add your NGL MOD APK link to your Instagram bio so that all of your followers can see it.

Stay Safe with Smart Filters

NGL uses smart filters to keep you safe from harmful language and bullying. The app’s filters will automatically block any messages that contain profanity, threats, or other harmful content.

NGL MOD APK Unlocked All

Talk and Share Freely

With NGL MOD APK, you can talk and share freely without worrying about being judged. The app’s anonymous feature allows you to be yourself and express your true thoughts and feelings.

Have Fun While Being Safe

NGL is a fun and safe way to connect with your friends. With the app’s anonymous feature and smart filters, you can feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and feelings without any worries. 


Closing Words

NGL MOD APK is a fantastic app where you can have lots of fun asking questions and talking with your friends without anyone knowing it’s you. Remember, you can put your link in your Instagram bio for even more messages.

Plus, the app is like a superhero friend that keeps you safe from mean words and bullying. It’s a happy place where you can be yourself and enjoy chatting with your pals. 

You can now get the Premium Unlocked version by downloading it on your Android. How cool is that? Now, you can also see who sent you messages, making the app even more awesome. 

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