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Nostalgia.NES Pro APK + MOD v2.5.2 (Full Paid)

Download Nostalgia.NES Pro APK + MOD for Android to get Full PAID/Patched to emulate all the NES games on your android device for free.

Download (7M)
App Name Nostalgia.NES Pro
Size 7M
Latest Version 2.5.2
MOD Info PAID/Patched
Google Play ID com.nostalgiaemulators.nesfull

  • Full PAID/Patched

  • fixed screen layout bugs
  • fixed cheat bugs

About Nostalgia.NEWS

Nostalgia is a high-quality NES emulator that runs all of its games on android devices in high quality and without experiencing any lags. It’s based on the most recent version of the FCEUX. It provides an elegant and excellent-looking user interface where all of its features are easily accessible. You are offered a virtual controller which is highly customizable.

Nostalgia.NES Pro APK

You can customize each button’s position, shape, size, and sensitivity as per your needs. It can save and process your games in 8 manual slots with screenshots & an autosave slot. You can share the saved progress of your game via BT, mail, skype, and so on, which can be directly from your device. When you get defeated by other players, you can rewind your steps a few seconds to have your second chance.

Nostalgia.NES Pro NES Emulator

Use its Wi-Fi controller mode to connect several devices to a WI-Fi network to work together. You can turn your phone in a wireless gamepad or joystick, play your favorite multiplayer NES games, and invite friends. It supports up to four players playing together. You can witness unique buttons like zapper, Turbo buttons & A+B buttons, and more.

It supports various video modes, including PAL (Europe)/NTSC (USA, Japan) and much more. You will get full HD and 3D graphics, which are being accelerated using OpenGL ES and other software. Get a smooth sound experience with its 44100 Hz stereo sound in games. You can attach a physical keyboard and all other equipment like a gamepad using the built-in Bluetooth.

Nostalgia.NES Pro APK Cracked

Capture screenshots anywhere and anytime during the gameplay. You can also use all the cheat codes in the game to obtain an edge over others and gain valuable resources, making it even more fun to play. Our mod version provides Full Paid/Patched features unlocked like no ads for free. All the NES and ZIP files are supported in it. So download it now.

Play All NES Games

You can use this emulator to emulate and play all the NES games right on your android devices. You get a very cool-looking and user-friendly interface and WI-FI controller feature to connect multiple devices and invite up to your four friends. It’s the best emulator to do this and thus has gained more than a million users globally.

You can play all NES games, but it does not contain games by default. So you have to download them and install them in it to play manually.

Nostalgia.NES Pro APK Full

Attach Gamepad and other Devices

You can use Bluetooth and wired connection to attach several gaming accessories like Gamepad, controller, keyboard, mouse, etc. This will improve our gaming experience and give you the upper hand in multiplayer battles. Moreover, you can customize the positions, size, shape, sensitivity, and other features of control buttons.

You can set all of them according to your needs to get the best possible gameplay.

Nostalgia.NES Pro Paid

All Paid Features Unlocked

We have provided all the paid features for free. So you don’t have to watch ads and get all of its functions for free. Earlier, many ads were displayed, and some of the features were locked and available only when you had watched enough ads or paid some money. But now you will get all of them for free. This will boost your gameplay so you won’t get distracted by advertisements during it.

Moreover, you will get all the paid items in the games for free, like rewards, gems, and other resources, So you can use them more effectively and grow your gameplay.

Nostalgia.NES Games Download

3D Graphics

It provides you with 3D graphics optimized by OpenGL ES and other top providers. You can tweak your graphic settings and choose your resolution from 720p (HD) to 1080p (Full HD) based on your device’s specifications, internet speed, and other details. The gameplay will be crystal clear, with all the frames perfectly appearing on your device.

Nostalgia.NES Pro APK Free Download

Cheat Codes & Gameplay Save

You can use plenty of cheat codes that the NES emulator provides. Moreover, you can also save your gameplay progress so that you can come back to the place where you left in the game. It can be beneficial as when you get killed by foes; you can rewind a few seconds before and get the position where it all happened.

This way, you have a tactical advantage over other players.

Credits: Nostalgia Emulators (Owner & Publisher).

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