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NOVA Legacy MOD APK 5.8.4a (Unlimited Money & Trilithium)

NOVA Legacy MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is an action game where you are a hero and has to assemble armies to defeat evil forces.

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App Name NOVA Legacy
Size 60M
Latest Version 5.8.4a
MOD Info Unlimited Money & Trilithium
Google Play ID

  • Unlimited Money and Trilithium
  • All Weapons Unlocked
  • Unlimited Everything

  • minor bugs fixed

About NOVA Legacy

NOVA Legacy is a popular action game with more than fifty million downloads. Your character is Kal Wardin, a hero and a war veteran who has come to get his mobile armored suit to defeat foes. You have to fight against aliens and other external forces who are determined to destroy humanity with the help of Yelena, who is an AI agent and a good friend of yours.

As you fight with alien invaders, you also need to discover why they suddenly thought about defeating humanity. There are plenty of different gameplay modes in which you have to battle. There are multiple arenas in it which their fighting styles and rules. Some of them are easy to clear, but others aren’t.

You have to use all your weapons and gadgets to get there and fight with aliens to save your mother earth. The new version of the game supports both online and offline modes so that you can choose.


But the offline one doesn’t come with multiplayer mode and the option to play in global tournaments and chat with your friends. But you can play anywhere at any time in it.

In the deathmatch mode, you have to be the one who survives till last when eight fighters have landed in the ring who are willing and able to kill each other. Similarities can be drawn from the team deathmatch mode, but here you have a team of four against four.

So your odds of winning increase, but you still need to have good combat skills.

NOVA Legacy MOD APK Hack

You can also customize your character with plenty of 3D modes and skins to give it a more scary look. You can also play it from a third-person shooting perspective. As you battle your way to the top of the leaderboards, you will also get a lot of rewards and prizes.

We have also provided unlimited money and trilithium in it. So download NOVA Legacy MOD APK Latest version now.

NOVA Legacy MOD APK Unlimited Money

Multiplayer Deathmatches

A deathmatch in NOVA Legacy MOD APK means eight players enter the battle arena, and you have to survive till the end to win it. They will try to kill each other, and you have to make sure not to get caught in the crossfire. You can also create your team, play it in 4v4 mode, and use teamwork and communication to prepare your strategy and win.

Try to win as many matches to get on the top of leaderboards and create wonders. You can also customize your hero with many 3D models and skins.

NOVA Legacy MOD APK Unlimited Trilithium

Explore the Action

NOVA Legacy prides itself on being one of the best action games in the world. We have provided all weapons unlocked so you can arm yourself and become a legend on the battlefield. It would be best to upgrade your Suit Cores which help you increase your aim and shooting accuracy.

You also have a third-person perspective, Death Cam, which replays your death incident. It has a very advanced online matchmaking system where you can play with random players and set passwords in your room to invite your friends.

NOVA Legacy MOD APK Latest Version

Amazing Shooting Experience

The shooting experience in NOVA Legacy is pretty similar to in Modern Combat and other Gameloft games. You can collect cards in it to start crafting science fiction weapons like sniper rifles, plasma guns, and more to use on foes.

You will also need to upgrade those weapons to increase their range, reload capacity, and other details. It provides you with enhanced 3D shooter graphics, which are highly advanced.

NOVA Legacy MOD APK Download For Android

Missions, Modes, and Stories

NOVA Legacy also provides you with a single player’s offline mode where you can protect the earth from aliens. We have offered unlimited everything, so you can do anything you want in the game.

It has a story mode that tells you about all the reasons aliens are invading and how to stop them and has more than nineteen missions. You have to go to war with them and stop them on limited battlefields. Strike Aliens formations and send them back to their planet.

Credits: Gameloft SE (Owner & Publisher).

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