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Panda Mouse Pro APK 1.6.0 (MOD, Unlocked) for android

Panda Mouse Pro APK is a keymapper for better integrating your mobile and keyboard for gaming on mobile.

Download (11M)
App Name Panda Mouse Pro
Size 11M
Latest Version 1.6.0
MOD Info MOD, Unlocked
Google Play ID com.panda.mouse

  • Mod, Unlocked
  • no activation
  • keyboard and mouse

  • bug fixes and system improvements

About Panda Mouse

Panda Mouse is a popular keymapping app for android devices with more than a hundred thousand global downloads. It also supports android 12, so you can have a better and more enjoyable gaming experience.

You can attach your keyboard and mouse and customize their features using its keymapper for better control and functioning while playing games. You can also play your favorite games with it without cloning and wasting your storage.

You can log in to google play games and save your progress. Your account also won’t get banned if you play mobile games using a keyboard and mouse and Panda keymapper. There is no activation required as we have already provided all the paid features.

Panda Mouse Pro APK

We have provided all the mod unlocked and many more features in it. So download its latest version now.

Supports All Games

Panda Mouse Pro APK nearly supports all the popular android apps and games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, BGMI, Rocket League, and many more premium titles. It also helps all brands of keyboards and mice so that you will have no connectivity issues.

It helps you unleash the hidden game within you and completely dominate other players in multiplayer games as you have an advantage playing with the keyboard and mouse. But keep in mind, it doesn’t support gamepads.

Panda Mouse Pro APK Free Download

No Activation Required

Panda Mouse requires activation and root, meaning you have to connect your phone to a PC to run it successfully. But we have eliminated that limitation.

Connecting your mouse and keyboard to play mobile games is often frustrating and inconvenient, so it comes here and allows you to configure them with its keymapper and enjoy the game easily.

Panda Mouse Pro Activated APK

Amazing UI

Panda Mouse provides you with a very fantastic UI that is very easy to use and accessible. It allows you to play games using a keyboard and mouse without cloning them, which other keymapper apps generally do.

It makes the process so simple and easy, which can be completed within a few minutes, and you can start playing your favorite games.

Credits: Panda Gaming Studio (Owner & Publisher).

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