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Planta MOD APK 2.11.3 (Pro, Premium Unlocked)

Planta MOD APK helps you take good care of your plants and ensure they thrive significantly in this world that doesn't give a damn about them.

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App Name Planta
Size 18M
Latest Version 2.11.3
MOD Info Pro, Premium Unlocked
Google Play ID com.stromming.planta

About Planta – Care for Your Plants

Planta is a popular plant-caring app that has amassed millions of global users. It helps you care for your plants with adequate water and fertilizer so they will never die again in your hands. It also encourages you to mist and clean your plants to maintain their good health and overall well-being.

You have to maintain a care schedule in the app with each of your plants, and it contains all the activities like water, mist, progress bar, and more to ensure your plants are fit and fine. You can create a separate schedule for all your plants, upload their pictures, and give them a name. The plan will show all the activities you have undertaken today as well as all those you should.

We often come across many plants we have never seen before and do not even know their names. So you can use its plant identification feature to scan a given plant and get to know its name and other details like where it’s found.

Planta MOD APK

You can make multiple sites like the living room, bedroom, and more to list all your plants in the given location. You can also create a library for all your plants in the app to enlist them as you scan them. This way, you can check all your plants in one place.

It also has a light meter so you can find the best places in your house to keep your plants, so they get maximum exposure to sunlight. We have also provided you with all the premium unlocked features for free. So download the Planta Premium MOD APK latest version now.

Smart Care for Your Plants

In the old days, you randomly watered the plants and hoped they would be healthy. But now you have access to a complete step-by-step guide as Planta knows how you can take the best possible care of your plants. It analyzes the data of weather, light in the room, and more to recommend you to water plants. Also, it reminds you to clean, mist, and fertilize the plants.

You have complete access to absolute proof step-by-step care instructions for taking care of your plants and also join with more than two million users in the app as they take care of their plants.

Planta MOD APK Premium Unlocked

Light Meter

You can switch on the light meter in Planta and scan your enure house at different times to find the best-suited ones to keep your plant—however, some plants like the sun while others like the dark environment. So the plants, along with the place, should be scanned using the app.

You can know which plants you can grow in your house depending upon the light conditions of your room. Using its unique feature, more than eight million plants have found the perfect place for themselves.

Planta MOD APK Latest Version

Plant Identification

We often have many different plants or encounter them on the streets without knowing about them. Here’s where its plant identification feature comes into play. You can use its plant scanner to scan your plants to know all the details about them, including how to take good care of them and find the best place to keep them.

Now you don’t have to worry about finding the names of a given plant as everything is set with it.

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Best Care Possible

We all take good care of our plants, but we still need Planta to ensure everything we do is in the right direction and in order. So it provides you with all the necessary information to take the best care of your plants.

It also provides you with a plant journal so you can keep track of all the developments of your plants and see them grow and become prominent in front of your own eyes. You can also add photos and short texts about your plants to let them know you care.

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Plant Recommendations

Planta gives you a test where you have to show how skilled and committed you are about plants, and then it recommends the best plants to grow. All other plant apps have a stereotype of recommending a cactus, but you can do a lot more with it.

Not only does it tells you about the plant to grow, but also how to grow it with step-by-step guides.

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