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Romance Fate MOD APK 3.0.4 (Free Premium Choices)

Romance Fate MOD APK (Free Premium Choices) is an Android dating simulation game that allows you to take on the role of a romantic partner. You will experience interesting and wonderful things while playing this extremely attractive game.

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App Name Romance Fate
Size 112M
Latest Version 3.0.4
MOD Info Free Premium Choices
Google Play ID com.saiyun.avgchapters.episodestories.romance

  • Free Premium Choices
  • Adfree
  • Diamonds

About Romance Fate

Romance Fate is the ultimate destination for romance fans. In our stories, you can fall in love with your Mr. Right, encounter playboys or billionaires, explore a fantasy world with vampires, and be the sea’s lost daughter, a mermaid!

No matter what kind of romantic adventure you’re looking for, we have a story that will suit your needs. And best of all, our stories are interactive, so you can choose different paths and make decisions that will affect the outcome of the story.

So come on in and indulge yourself in our tales of love and passion. You won’t be disappointed.

The game is set in a high school and the player takes on the role of a student who is trying to find her soulmate. The game features multiple routes and endings, and the player’s choices affect the outcome of the story.

Romance Fate MOD APK

There are also some interactive elements in the game, such as providing gifts to characters and going on dates. These elements can affect the way the story plays out.

Overall, Romance Fate: Story & Chapters is a very replayable otome game with a lot of content. There are many different endings to discover, and the player’s choices really affect the story.

Explore your romantic feelings by downloading the Romance Fate MOD APK latest version with mode features such as diamonds, tickets and premium choices for free.

Romance Fate MOD APK Free Premium Choices

The Gameplay

The gameplay of Romance Fate: Story & Chapters is focused on reading the story and making choices that affect the outcome. The player can choose to read different chapters of the story, and each chapter has multiple endings. The player’s choices determine which end they will get.

I choose the story “The Forbidden Castle.” I’m immediately transported to a dark, dreary forest. I see a castle in the distance and approach it cautiously. As I get closer, I hear a voice crying for help. It’s coming from inside the castle! Without thinking any further, I rush inside to investigate.

I find myself in a large, empty room. The only furnishings are a bed and a small table. On the table is a book with taped-up pages. The voice cries out again and I follow it to the next room. In this room, there is a door slightly ajar. From inside, I can hear someone whimpering. Without hesitation, I open the door and enter the next room.

Romance Fate MOD APK Unlimited Diamonds

Inside, I find a young woman chained to the wall. She looks at me with pleading eyes and I quickly rush to her side to see if she’s okay. After assuring her that I’m here to help, I set to work trying to free her from her chains. After a few minutes of struggling, I finally manage to free her.

The woman introduces herself as Princess Jasmine and tells me that she was captured by an evil wizard who wants to marry her.


In this game, you’ll get to choose your own love story, dress up your avatar in stylish outfits, and make choices that will affect the outcome of your tale. You’ll also get to explore a variety of beautiful locations, meet new characters, and experience first-hand the joys and challenges of falling in love. With so many possibilities at your fingertips, Romance Fate: Story & Chapters is the perfect game for anyone who wants to escape into a world of romance. So what are you waiting for? Start playing today and see where your love story takes you!

Romance Fate MOD APK Unlimited Tickets


Dress Up in Romance Fate is a fun and unique story game that allows you to create your own romantic adventure. In the game, you’ll take on the role of a young woman who is trying to win the heart of her true love. To do this, you’ll need to dress up in the most beautiful and stylish clothes possible.

You’ll also need to make sure that your hair and makeup are perfect. Luckily, you have a whole team of expert stylists to help you look your best. Once you’re ready, it’s time to set out on your quest for love.

You’ll travel to different cities, meet new people and experience new adventures along the way. With each new chapter, your story will become more intriguing and romantic. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide how your story will end. Will you find true love? Or will your romance end in heartbreak? The choice is yours in Dress Up in Romance Fate!


In Romance Fate, players take on the role of a young woman who is trying to find her true love. Throughout the game, she will be presented with a variety of potential suitors, each with their own unique personality and back story.

Players must choose carefully, as their choices will affect not only the outcome of the game but also the fate of their character. The game offers a wide range of possibilities, allowing players to experience a different story every time they play. With so many different paths to choose from, Romance Fate: Story & Chapters is a game that is sure to please everyone who enjoys a good romance story.

Romance Fate MOD APK Latest Version


In the game Romance Fate: Story & Chapters, players are given the choice to determine their own destiny. With every decision they make, they can choose to follow their heart or their head. Will they follow their passion or play it safe? The choice is up to them. But with every choice comes consequences. Some choices will lead to a happy ending, while others will result in a tragic one. It’s up to the player to decide which path they want to take.

The beauty of this game is that there is no wrong choice. Every decision leads to a different outcome. So whatever you choose, you can be sure that your choice was meant for you.

Download Romance Fate MOD APK


The Romance Fate: Story & Chapters game allows players to choose their own adventure, with multiple endings based on the choices they make. While some games give players the option to “save” their progress and go back to make different choices, Romance Fate: Story & Chapters goes even further by allowing players to create separate save files for each potential ending. This means that if you want to see every possible outcome, you’ll need to play through the game multiple times. However, this also adds an element of replayability, as you can go back and try different choices to see how your story unfolds. With so many potential paths to explore, Romance Fate: Story & Chapters is a game that will keep you coming back for more.

Download Romance Fate MOD APK


In a world where love is decided by a game, will you find the person you’re destined to be with? In Romance Fate, you’ll get to make choices that determine your own romantic fate.

  • Dress up in the latest fashions and style your hair to suit your own taste.
  • Follow the story and make choices that affect your relationship with the different characters.
  • Collect clues to solve mysteries and unlock new endings.
  • With over 10,000 possible combinations, you can choose your own love story!
    Experience true love in Romance Fate MOD APK today!

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