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RPG Isekai Rondo v1.1.3g MOD APK (Unlimited Currency, No Ads)

RPG Isekai Rondo MOD APK is an RPG game where you play the character of a young man named Sho who works in an exploitative company in Japan and has been transferred to a parallel universe by accident.

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App Name RPG Isekai Rondo
Size 178M
Latest Version 1.1.3g
MOD Info Unlimited Currency, No Ads
Google Play ID kemco.execreate.isekai

About RPG Isekai Rondo

RPG Isekai Rondo is a popular RPG game with tens of thousands of downloads. The gameplay starts when your character (Sho) goes to a parallel universe and becomes Shaw due to an accident. However, he is unemployed and tries to find a job, but one day he has a career as a sage who works hard to develop ultimate rare passive skills.

He always wanted a mellow life, so he has to battle with the Overlord after meeting Hero Viola and get the life he always wanted. Since you have some tremendous passive skills, you control everything. You can change the future by returning before the game ends, defeating all your enemies by calling spirits or mama plants, and even using the power of monsters.

RPG Isekai Rondo MOD APK

You have to participate and complete various quests to improve your rank in the leaderboards. You can encounter many challenges as you go near dungeons and participate in the battle arena. There are also many hidden locations where you can find treasure chests, and with the help of its mod features, you have faster-moving speed and grab them as soon as possible.

It would help if you fought with Overlord’s Army to have the right to a calm and modest life. Moreover, we have also provided you with no ads, unlimited money, and unlimited currency to make the gameplay easier. So download its latest version now.

RPG Isekai Rondo MOD APK Premium

Explore the New World

Your character in RPG Isekai Rondo is a young man named Sho who works in a company in Japan and has gone to a parallel universe where he is an old guy named Shaw. You can altogether remove other decisions, get reincarnated, and have a new life. But you also have many new powers and abilities in your new life.

Now you no longer have to sit in front of your computer and do your job as now you can explore this new gigantic world. Depending on your abilities, you must enter and explore the dungeons and fight in many battles.

RPG Isekai Rondo MOD APK Unlimited Money

Participate in Quests

Your character Shaw is a hero in the world and has many powers which you have to use to complete various missions and challenges. You can use them to protect the universe from evil forces, which includes the Overlord and his armies which have been invading every part of the universe, and you have to respond to stop them.

Overlord wants all the power in his hand and is on his way to your universe and planning to invade. The enemies which appear in the sky are mighty, and you have to use all your powers to stop them. However, there are also many challenges and quests which you can complete to improve your skills and win huge rewards.

RPG Isekai Rondo MOD APK Latest Version

Rule the Battlefield!

You have your new life as Shaw in RPG Isekai Rondo and have to take up the responsibilities of the new world and battle with its enemies. You have to defeat many dungeon monsters and win rewards. You are not the only one reincarnated in the new world, as many others now have the roles of heroes, and you have to join them to defeat foes.

Sho had a very depressing life as a blue-collar worker in Japan, but now he can live the life of his dreams as he now has a new identity of Shaw. You have to face endless hordes of enemies on the battlefield and take them down with your abilities.

RPG Isekai Rondo MOD Menu APK
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