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Sausage Man MOD APK v16.45 (Unlimited Money and Candy)

Do you like games that are both fun and challenging? Then you're going to love Sausage Man MOD APK. This game is all about using your agility and quick reflexes to help the sausage man avoid obstacles as he jumps his way to the finish line. With 50 fun and challenging levels, this game will keep you entertained for hours on end.

Download (427M)
App Name Sausage Man
Size 427M
Latest Version 16.45
MOD Info Unlimited Money and Candy
Google Play ID com.GlobalSoFunny.Sausage

  • White Body
  • No Recoil
  • No Camera Shake
  • Speed Run
  • Free Shopping

First, Install the base version, and then install provided Patcher APK

About Sausage Man

The game is called Sausage Man because it features sausages as the protagonist. The main objective of this title are to find other players and fight them in battles that will make your heart race. You can play anytime or anywhere since there’s no need for an internet connection.

The player character has unique abilities such as buffing themselves by eating one specific kind (such) of meat before battling another enemy boss; these items give you strength during combat.

You will battle other people in a realistic way. You will also need to use guns, machines that bring people back to life, and other objects to help you win. This game is meant to test how well you work with other people.

Sausage Man is a game where you play as funny and adorable sausages. You will fight in high-octane, imagination-filled battles. The game is easy to start playing and you can play it anytime, anywhere.

Sausage Man MOD APK


Imagine a world where you are free to explore and experience anything your imagination desires.

The game gives us this opportunity by allowing users complete creative control over their avatars, environments, stories and more.

This means that people can roleplay any situation or fantasy they like without limitations; whether it be an adventure in deep space with Buzz Lightyear as he searches for aliens among recondite stellar bodies far beyond our galaxy…or if instead, we take on certain roles such as princesses who must rescue sleeping beauties before chatting them away forever.

Sausage Man MOD APK Unlimited Money

There are more things on the battlefield than just fighting. You can find cuteness and happiness all around. Here, you can sing, jump, and shoot rubber balls at each other. Or you can use a double jump to avoid getting shot by the enemy. If you get shot, you will turn into a crying little sausage. You can also pick up your friends who have been shot with a “come on” action.

Sausage Man MOD APK Unlimited Candy

Be the Star of this Joyous Party

You will be the star of this party! Everyone will love your appearance.

The game’s crude-but-cute appearance system will help you become the most popular sausage there ever was. The unique Party Card system records your data, appearances, and achievements, showing other sausages just how lovable you are.

It also provides you with various quirky costume sets including Koi, Cyberpunk, and Maid, as well as shamelessly cute poses such as blowing kisses, magical girl transformations etc.

You can also use Bubble Emojis to interact with other sausages. Here, you will rely on your naughtiness and cuteness to slay hundreds of enemies on the battlefield and become the king of the party.

Sausage Man MOD APK Latest Version

The Unique Party Card System

Sausage Man is a dangerous game where you can be killed at any time. But it also has funny moments. You will appear as a sausage with a simple appearance, but people will find you cute. This rawness makes you one of the most popular sausages in history.

In this mode, players will own a party card that records data and the number of appearances accurately. The card also helps track your achievements. You can also get special outfits that look really cool. Characters also have unique poses, like kissing or turning into a magical girl.

Sausage Man MOD APK Free Download

Item Buffs with Unique Powers

Welcome to the game! You will have a great time playing it. There are some really cool features in this game, like Buff items that give you special power. There is also a really cool combat system that is more realistic than other games. Plus, there is even more excitement waiting for players who love challenges.

4.3/5 (38 votes)

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