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Silent Castle MOD APK v1.4.15 (Unlimited Money, All Unlocked)

Silent Castle MOD APK is an action game where you are in a castle, and suddenly someone breaks into it, and you have to look out.

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App Name Silent Castle
Size 97M
Latest Version 1.4.15
MOD Info Unlimited Money, All Unlocked
Google Play ID com.survive.silentcastle&hl=en&gl=US

About Silent Castle

Silent Castle is a popular action game with more than ten million downloads. The gameplay starts where you are living inside a castle, and it’s very dark when you hear of someone breaking in, and it’s the soul reaper. It’s increasing its hold over the castle as it speedily attacks the doors of different rooms and tries to get in. You must defend yourselves by closing the rooms and hiding under your beds.

You must prepare your defensive strategy against the soul reaper and chase him away from the castle. To do this, we have added a mod menu, so your work is more accessible. The game provides multiple gameplay modes where you can choose to be a soul reaper or a survivor. You have to equip yourselves with powerful equipment for defense.

Silent Castle MOD APK

You also have free shopping to get all the necessary items to win against the soul reaper. You can also use and unlock many proper props, as we have provided unlimited money and gems. You can use different characters to make props work better. You will also win many rewards and resources as you progress in the game.

You have unlimited coins to get whichever weapons you desire in the game. The castle is also filled with many hidden treasures, but before getting them, you must clear and pass through numerous obstacles in your treasure hunting. There are many ghosts in the castle, and you must fight them with all the weapons you have to take them down.

The game is filled with many characters you can portray; some look more attractive and scarier than others. We have also provided you with all unlocked features like no ads and much more for free, so you don’t have to pay anything. So download its latest version now.

Silent Castle MOD APK Unlimited Money And Gems

Multiple Gameplay Modes

Silent Castle MOD APK provides many gameplay modes where you are the soul reaper or the survivor.

Survivor Mode: You are trapped inside the castle, and you get the news of a soul reaper breaking in and attacking the room doors to enter and kill people. You have to close the doors, hide under your bed and work with other people to build your defensive strategy, take down the soul reaper once and for all, and survive till the end.

Soul Reaper Mode: You are the soul reaper and have to break into the castle to take down all the survivors and win the game.

Silent Castle MOD APK Free Shopping

Powerful Props and Equipment

The silent castle has many influential equipment and props that you can use in the soul reaper and survivor mode. We have provided you with an unlimited everything feature to use all the weapons and support you want. You must learn to use each weapon and build your attack or defense strategy accordingly.

You can also upgrade your equipment to increase its strength and make them more useful in attacking or defending. Moreover, if you use props with different characters, it will make them work better.

Silent Castle MOD APK Unlimited Diamonds

Treasure Hunt

The castle in the silent castle is filled with many mysteries and hidden places, and many of those places contain treasure which gives you unlimited money. You must explore every part of the castle to find these hidden places. But reaching there isn’t a walk in the park as you must first go through many obstacles, missions, and challenges.

As you progress through different levels, you will find many locations where no one has ever been before, and you will find your treasure there.

Silent Castle MOD APK Latest Version

Play as Different Characters

You can play silent castle with many different characters, some of which are.

Physicist: You can use your brain power to make an astonishing attack and defense strategy to ensure victory.

Hacker: You can use your computer skills to further your attack agenda by hacking into the castle’s security system or your defense agenda by strengthening the cyber security systems of the castle.

Miner: A miner can dig a hole in the ground while invading the castle and use the hole to escape to safe locations to defend.

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