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Silly Royale MOD APK v1.26.0 (Unlimited Money/Gems)

Silly Royale MOD APK is a multiplayer strategy game where you are stuck inside a mansion or a prison with eleven other players.

Download (105M)
App Name Silly Royale
Size 105M
Latest Version 1.26.0
MOD Info Unlimited Money/Gems
Google Play ID com.junegaming.devilparty

About Silly Royale – Devil Amongst Us

Silly Royale is a popular strategy game with more than ten million downloads. It provides real-time multiplayer gameplay where you are in a Haunted Mansion or Prison with eleven other players. You can create and customize your avatar to stand out among other players, as we have many unlock skins for you. You can use in-built voice chat and emoticons to communicate.

You can customize your silly with plenty of different skins and hat combinations.

You can play in many gameplay modes and as different characters, which are ‘silly’ or ‘devil’ in hide n seek & murder mystery mode and as ‘cop’ or ‘robber’ in jail break mode. Moreover, we have also provided the mod menu so you can always be the devil and win every match. As you play in multiple gameplay modes, you can also adopt a pet and take it with you.

Silly Royale MOD APK

In the Jail Break Mode, cops have to catch all the robbers and put them back into their prison cells before they escape. But robbers must show teamwork and complete all the mini-games to break the jail. If you are a cop, you can still help the robbers with their escape plans. You also have unlimited gems to make the jailbreak easier.

In the murder mystery mode, you have to enter a haunted mansion with other players, and you may also get possessed by the devil hiding in the estate for years. Everyone is a suspect, and you must call a meeting every time a dead body is found to evict the devil. You must free the mansion from haunted spirits by completing all the mini-tasks and solving the murder mystery.

In Hide N Seek mode, you are either a devil or silly. If you are silly, find a perfect hiding spot for yourself where the devil cannot see you; the opposite goes for if you are a devil. We have also provided you with unlimited money and many more features in it for free. So download its latest version now.

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Multiple Gameplay Modes

Silly Royale MOD APK provides you with three gameplay modes.

Jail Break: Join forces with other prisoners and work together to escape it if you are one. If you are a cop, help the prisoners in their escape plans.

Hide and seek: the devil is coming for you and your friends, so find the best hiding locations and complete all the mini-tasks.

Murder Mystery: You and your friends visit a haunted mansion where the devil lives and won’t leave until the murder mystery is solved. Everyone is a suspect here.

Devil’s Playground: Create your squad of four players, play against three other teams, and survive against the electric music of the devil.

Silly Royale MOD APK Unlimited Money

Communicate with Your Friends and Other Players

If you want to win and excel in all the three gameplay mentioned above modes of Silly Royale, you will need to establish effective communication with your friends. You can use the voice chat feature and emoticons to have fun with your friends and process the necessary information.

Communication is primarily proper when the devil/cops are around you, and you must inform your friends for a perfect win.

Silly Royale MOD APK Always Devil

Compete with Other players

You must compete with other players in a maze race, where you must escape the maze as soon as possible to win huge rewards. The last one in the maze gets ejected, whether he is the devil or the silly.

If the devil activated this, he would risk himself as he becomes vulnerable.

Silly Royale MOD APK Unlimited Everything

Watch your Friends and Learn

In Silly Royale, even when you lose and are thrown out of the match, you can still spectate from the point of view of your friends and guide them in the game. Watch your friends’ gameplay in Spectate Mode and look closely to identify the devil and the silly.

You can also use voice chat to communicate necessary guidance and details to your friends.

Silly Royale MOD APK Latest Version

Credits: SuperGaming (Owner & Publisher).

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